🇲🇽 Travel Tips: Mexico City | Eat, See, Love 🇲🇽 + TRAVEL DISCOUNT CODE DEAL


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22 Replies to “🇲🇽 Travel Tips: Mexico City | Eat, See, Love 🇲🇽 + TRAVEL DISCOUNT CODE DEAL”

  1. Jouw Engels is echt goed! Ging bij overige kijken waar je vandaan komt. Ik woon ook in Rotterdam en ik vertrek maandag voor de 2e keer naar Mexico. Heb al best veel bezocht in Mexico city maar het Frida Kahlo museum ga ik nog bezoeken. Super leuke video heb je gemaakt en vind ook dat je er super leuk uit ziet!

  2. Ali Montoya says:

    I loved your video 😀

  3. Just one thing, the most visited beach destinations in the south are Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, etc. and those are in the state of Quintana Roo located in the area known as the Península de Yucatán.
    However Yucatán is another state, right next to Q. Roo but it's beaches aren't really attractive to tourists.

  4. MaiVibe says:

    Mexico City is Great! One of my favorite places! Has the most amazing food too! 🙏

  5. I really, really like how you wear your creations.

  6. Jose Retiz says:

    Que Bonita Señorita eres, me gustaría saber si es posible que me digas
    de que parte del mundo eres ? Gracias y Saludos de este Mexicano.

  7. Que buenos que les halla gustado nuestro pais, regresen cuando quieran, un abrazo.

  8. Julss MP2 says:

    Ahhhh genial! Espero hayas disfrutado mi ciudad 😘😍

  9. Your videos are sooo lovely !! Thanks a lot i'm waiting for your fantastic sewing tuto 😊
    From Reunion Island ( near south Africa)

  10. Magdis Ochoa says:

    hola me da mucho gusto que hayas viajado a mi pais Mexico,
    espero que algun dia regreses. yo vivo aqui, saludos

  11. Gio H says:

    Cute video, just one note, the street is not 5 de Mayo, the correct name is Francisco I. Madero and the casa de los azulejos is inspired in Talavera that is a type of ceramic from Spain, but i can see how it resembles Portuguese ceramic too, I hope you enjoy your trip, do not forget going to Chapultepec Castle and Museo de Antropología to see the real azteca calendar (which is not its real name but you will enjoy the place a lot) and also you will see colorful parts of pyramids (almost at the end of the tour of the museum), also the MAP (Museo de Arte Popular) where you can see lots of designs and textil art is a nice visit, Also in the Cineteca Nacional they have usually exhibitions of dresses from the movies and stuff like that and it is a nice place.

  12. h2opmayana says:

    Thanks. I'm going soon, and yes, Mexico City, no beach for me.

  13. como no me entere que ibas a venir a nuestro bello México, yo soy de aqui

  14. ota toju says:

    wow. i will visit too, thanks for the video. i really love your tutorials. u make it look so easy and cool.xoxoxo…….

  15. Mirline K says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the tips and taking us with you😎💜

  16. Mexican here, great video ! 😀

  17. kurtliv says:

    Great! welcome💕

  18. Nidia Lopez says:

    yes my home mexico is very pretty and people are so kind.love my home.i live in sonoyta sonora…

  19. Cyrious says:

    She has the most soothing voice! Looking great ..continue to LIVE LIFE!

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