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If you guys aren’t aware I traveled to Korea for ten days and I learned so much that I hope these tips will benefit you as well. Leave a comment below if you think I …



  1. Hey! Thank you for this video! For sure it was extremelly helpful for me because i am planning to Korean and I do plan in staying in Myeondong. But could you tell me about the things you send we could rent that were like Hotspots for us to have wifi all day long? That really caught my attention as well as the tax refound process with i had no idea about so, i am so thankfull you did this video!

  2. Could you give me some tips about travelling alone in korea? I'm nervous. Is it safe for a woman like me?

  3. OxTricker says:


  4. Hi. How much is average to spend for a subway per week? Starting to plan my trip to Korea 🙂 I didn't know foreigners don't have to pay tax! Very helpful to know this! 🙂

  5. Elsa says:

    Taxis in Korea are pretty cheap too! Also black taxis have drivers that speak english (for the most part), but they're a little more expenisve.

  6. Bea Ragasa says:

    Hi! I'm going to Seoul on Monday and will be staying there for a week. Do ATMs there accept debit cards? I've tried searching online if they do but there are no recent posts about it, most of the stuff online say debit cards don't in Korean ATMs although these are outdated posts (posted in like 2010-2011. I'm using a Mastercard debit card from BDO by the way. Hoping for a quick response. Thank you!

  7. What is that area called that you say is a party central? Hyundae?

  8. engis elf says:

    I'm planning to go next year, this was really helpful. Also you're really cute. I'd love your favorite spots in Seoul!

  9. Pasio Lee says:

    Wow~ Fantastic!!:) It's really so helpful. I"m so exciting your next video! haha And I recommend the website tourmatekorea.kr ! When I went, I did not really know where to go so I pretty much wasted the first couple of days. However, Tourmate was helped me about everything and he recommends the hottest spot in Seoul, Korea. Anyway, thank you for your Korea Travel tips! haha

  10. Sameera Badr says:

    oh my god you're honestly so cute 😭💕 and this video is so helpful and informative ive watched loads of videos like this but you covered things i never knew, also please do your 5 favourite places in korea and your favourite cafés etc 🙏🏻

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