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  1. Einas_xoxo says:

    I’m from Sydney Australia

  2. TeeTee LouKy says:

    Tip number one, don't go to Australia it's a waste of time there's nothing there that's really exciting!

  3. im Australian and i usually watch this stuff to see if its true and this seems true

  4. Isaac Berger says:

    If you go to orange in nsw go to byng street cafè

  5. because I understood that you was travelling in Australia. When I was 3 years old i had a world's book and Australia impressed me. Australia is my dream.

  6. I'm a italian girl and I don't understand: are you are you American or English?

  7. Well spoken and considerate. Nice one!

  8. Mel M says:

    Great tips. I'm heading 2 Melbourne & Sydney next month. 1st time. Any safety tips for solo female travelers? Any petty crime to watch for? Backpack, cellphone, pickpockets? Are these two cities pretty safe at night?

  9. which are the best places to travel by public transport and things to do in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide ,Australia?

    Where do Australian get Coffee beans? do they grow in Australia or do they import it? why is the taste of coffee is really so good?

  10. mau agu says:

    Thank You for your tip, I would like to know South Western Australia. Please make a video about that.

  11. LivinMelanin says:

    Great tips. If you're visiting for the first time, which city would you recommend? As in most tourist friendly? Also which airports are best to fly through from Germany

  12. Kamonbow S. says:

    Thanks for these tips 🙂

  13. Blue Sun says:

    Ouuf  petit commentaire qui se veut être constructif :  tu t'adresses / parles  à des voyageurs de différentes langues et tu parles très / trop vite. Merci pour tes commentaires.

  14. HMMCHD says:

    I totally agree. I like our coffee in Germany but I really liked the coffee in Melbourne 🙂

  15. Alan Melo says:

    tem brasileiro aqui?? se tem, da joinha!!

  16. fellow melbourner here this is so true!

  17. Aisha Massac says:

    What are some of the local airlines to travel within Australia?

  18. 6ix9ine 69 says:

    Thank you very much !! I had a school project and my topic was Australia your video helped me a lot!!

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