20 Airport & Airplane Travel TIPS & HACKS! | From A Flight Attendant


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The INSIDE scoop on Airport/Airplane TIPS from a flight attendant is finally revealed! Follow my advice and your travels will be seamless!


20 Replies to “20 Airport & Airplane Travel TIPS & HACKS! | From A Flight Attendant”

  1. Angie Olguin says:

    I live in California and it gets to 115 degrees and you think 50 something degrees is hot lmao girl 😂❤️❤️I would be freezing

  2. Dar Moore says:

    Thanks for the tips! This novice really appreciates it 🙂

  3. cantikanchi says:

    Your skin is beautiful. I want your secrets!

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I gave me a few hints on what to do at the airport and lobe the yip on photo copy passport and ID. You have a wonderful day

  5. I enjoyed this video more than most I've seen regarding this topic, because it's first-hand tips! I'm leaving in a couple weeks to travel to Oregon, so this helped a lot.

  6. Nicole X says:

    What can everyone tell me about sky west delta

  7. Traveling to Alabama and haven't been on an airplane in almost 3 years so I'm nervous

  8. Going to kenya for 3 weeks on August the 12th (5 days) it's a 8hr and 30mins flight

  9. PTXLOVE1 says:

    55 degrees here in Chicago is also very warm

  10. I be leaving very soon and every tip in this video is helpful

  11. krissy k says:

    flying tomorrow! these will help so much 💗 love your channel girl , keep it going xoxo

  12. Hi lysm can u make more vids just like this I'm giong on a 9hour flight tomorow and in winter

  13. nic c says:

    Can you please share were your top is from? It's awesome!

  14. It's 90 degrees in New York now lol

  15. Haley Furlow says:

    and I'm scared cause I'm 10 and I've never been on and the first time is going to be alone

  16. Haley Furlow says:

    I'm going to ohio from florida

  17. 124 says:

    fierceness I'm just wondering cuz I've seen stuff like top 10 videos about planes and stuff can you ask fa's for a whole can of AQ drink or ask for extra snacks on the plane anyway thanks

  18. Mahnoor Zia says:

    Thanks for the video! I'm sure they will come in handy since my flight is in a few days!💜 Btw what airline do u work for?

  19. im going on a 13 hour flight on august 2017 so yeah could you do on video on what to do a long haul flihpght plz thx you are a legit life saver!!!😍😉😆

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