8 Tips for an EPIC trip to Tokyo – “Matt’s Travel Tips”


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Want to have an Epic trip to Tokyo? Travel Host of “Anywhere But Fargo” Matt Owen gives you his 8 tips on how to visit one of the craziest and most amazing …


27 Replies to “8 Tips for an EPIC trip to Tokyo – “Matt’s Travel Tips””

  1. Sina says:

    The content was rich, informative and sooooo fun to watch. Thanks, Matt! Big fan 😀

  2. reistonator says:

    The video was very funny! Thx!

  3. Matt you are hilarious! How comes I am just finding out about this channel?! Subbed!

  4. global425 says:

    He's probably been once. Loves that new Tokyo fad

  5. ali haydar says:

    This was one of the most helpful and entertaining guides I have watched on youtube. Also I was considering Okutama but Kamakura seems like a kinda more fun, more full option for 7 days trip (I wouldn't let Okutama out of the list if I had 8 days tho)

  6. XVXK_ says:

    This guy is epic he needs his own show

  7. Jay Tee says:

    Thanks for the tips dude! Going to Tokyo in 5 days and my hype level just exceeded 9000. I really hope I can meet and talk to many locals 😀

  8. Alyshia Ho says:

    I'm going for a solo trip in January and this video made me really excited!! thanks for the tips matt 😀

  9. Here Be Barr says:

    I occasionally make videos like this on my channel, and you've really made re-evaluate some of my editing/on camera stuff. Awesome awesome job 🙂

  10. Chloe A says:

    You have the most entertaining travel vid ever!!! 😀

  11. darbuka01 says:

    Make sure to keep your metro tickets bc you need it to exit:D I did not keep it when i 1st arrived to Tokyo:D The security guy just opened the door for me bc he did not want to deal with a white girl 😀

  12. Ivan B says:

    Love it, except fish market. Me being vegetarian. Fish industry is just horrible, just wrong and cruel. Like any animals being killed

  13. Péter K. says:

    Good Vibes!! Hope to see you again 🙂

  14. love the talkings cats.😹

  15. Kayos501 says:

    "I'm a dirty little badger!" I totally need a t-shirt of that in Japanese! Totally jealous of this trip, I have wanted to go there for so long. One key phrase I would add is "Watashi no hobākurafuto wa unagi de ippai desu" which means "My hovercraft is full of eels". Very happy I found this channel! 🙂

  16. J W says:

    You are ace ventura

  17. This was awesome & frikken helpful! Thank you!

  18. The cat cafe was my favorite lol this was such a great video! i expected you to have more subscribers, you deserve it. I'm going to japan in october and i just found your video so thanks so much for uploading 🙂

  19. this is sooo nice! ♥️

  20. Ginger Ting says:

    i am going to Tokyo in 4 days XD chanced upon this probs watched too many Japan related videos that it highly recommended me this … THE CAT DIALOGUE got me so bad, laughing so hard

  21. Jack Hodgson says:

    I Like Willies I love Willies!!!

  22. S says:

    Lot of garbage on that beach !!!

  23. rp Damdul says:

    bro I'm visiting Tokyo next week

  24. Pablo Slalom says:

    best video i saw of things to do in tokyo, thanks this really motivates me!

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