Airline Travel Tips

Scott McCartney on Lunch Break shares his favorite simple travel tips. Put a shoe you wear when flying into the room safe with your passport so you’ll never leave the passport behind when you…


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  1. vicky VICKY says:

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  2. Sachin Yadav says:

    Roll the clothes instead of folding them. You can save your space and carry some extra items such as belt and pair of extra socks in your baggage.

    Wear as much as you can rather than packing it. This doesn’t sound cool but it is one of the best trick. Wear extra clothes inside your over coat and later remove them once you are on your sear after boarding the flight. A little extra layer of clothes on your body will give you a lot of free space in your bag. Now you have some extra space in your suitcase to put some more items.

    there are bunch of cool tricks available at and many more web portals.. I like them all

  3. Before you travel on an airline you need to watch this video! Wow 😮

  4. Omar Mohamed says:

    here is another tip i can share it with you : if you wanna travel, put this airline in your priority

  5. Agent Smith says:

    I recommend this ebook for anyone that is travelling abroad for the first time:

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  7. Dazzlings says:

    What about the computers having to be in suitcases flying certain routes?

  8. Nina Dobrev says:

    Never use a black baggage Always use bright and less common colours like pink red

  9. robsab20 says:

    do u.s. american airport staff steal from travellers? what a shitty countries?

  10. Don't recline your seat like a cunt.

  11. I carry on a 40 liter travel backpack. You'd be surprised how much you can pack.

  12. That was so informative!! Thank you!

  13. Bent Reality says:

    I put a cute Hippo toy tag on my bag [out of san diego] to identify it. The TSA or baggage handlers stole it! I f they like ribbon-they will steal that too! [also out of San Diego the TSA stole my new dress shoes [tsa because I had a tsa lock and it was locked when I got back.]. But I agree-maybe bright orange spay paint would help.

  14. SpeedyVT says:

    I crossed my eyes so he was wearing her clothes and she had his face.

  15. Locating Me says:

    These blinkings are making me thirsty ! …. nice tips . also, Get you LOC8ING tag – will help you to get a fix on your valuables .
    The LOC8ING Team.

  16. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. VH-XZP Fan says:

    To customise your bag become a Qantas gold frequent flyer and use q bag tag.

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