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  1. colormemandy says:

    Do you (or any viewers) have any tips for anxiety while traveling? I love traveling but at the same time I panic at airports because they are so large and the margin for error whilst trying to find the right boarding area scares me!

  2. steve thomas says:

    A bright ribbon on your luggage. I have a black bag, make that two ribbons.

  3. emjeyone says:

    Tks! good tips aaaand u look and talk a lil like Amanda Bynes, in a good nice funny way.

  4. Jon W says:

    The probable reason why people and staff let you before them is because you are attractive, and for some reason people are nice to attractive people, even though it will most likely never result in any sexual contact with such a person… just pointing out that this does not work for everyone (if you know what mean)

  5. Really, pretty good hacks. Best one: empty water bottle! This has saved me a lot of $$!!

  6. So i was flying with a spanish airling called vuelling to go to spain and back on the was there we actualy had british staff on board sone strange how and they were lovely people but then got off the plane went to the lugage carcel and found one of my bags and one of my nans bags were broken and had oil on them so we went to go complain abd they didnt give a crap then on the way back we had spanish staff and the gave somewhat of a monkeys but to us anyway im not being racist and then they broke the other one of our bags but then we were in britain so the did go and replace our bags and clean them and stuff

  7. I went to Honolulu and my flight got cancelled to Washington DC

  8. Hi Hi says:

    You don't now anything!I travel a lot and I now what is true and what is not!

  9. Meg For It says:

    I love pulling all of these hacks together based on the trip I'm planning! Love the temp of your videos! Thanks!

  10. this is so much much more helpful than I expected! Thank you so much Nadine, I'll be sure to employ some of these (like the seat placing in terms of tight flight connections and plugs, and the no-black bag).

  11. Times Change says:

    If you are seated at the front of an air plane you are more likely to die as a result of a crash.

  12. Sitting at front of an airplane gives u a less advantage of surviving if a crash happens

  13. Java Bain says:

    Tears works. I'm a guy and I can't tell you how many times it has worked for me.

  14. Rolando Ruiz says:

    Don't forget about paying attention to the PA system 'cause you never know when they decided to change the departure gates for your flight. This happened to me once in Singapore. I wasn't in any hurry that time but if I hadn't paid attention I might not have known about it and would have had a higher chance of missing my flight. Also if the security at that other gate didn't know about the changes, you could tell them you heard it on the PA system and they would check it out. One other thing, once the announcement is made, make sure you get to that other gate in plenty of time, just in case security didn't know about it.

  15. 'Don't get a black bag ' now everyone is going to get a BRIGHT YELLOW bag

  16. The back of the plane is safer though

  17. Aimee Neill says:

    I was getting a flight to london amd we were running late. We were bparding at 8:05 and it was like 7:45 when we reached security which was super busy. We said to the guy and he put us to the top of the queue. Was worth saying rather than stressing so i agree woth that tip 😊

  18. They would only empathize with her because she is a woman tbh

  19. Amelia Daisy says:

    I've only got an hour flight lol but I'm so excited so I'm watching loads of these vids !

  20. Nadine – I want to be you when I grow up! : )

  21. Another tip is to program your airline, hotel phone numbers into your phone


    I go to the busiest airport in the UK (Gatwick north) and it is so quiet in the morning and you are pretty much guaranteed to get through everything quick because during the day a simple queue can take an hour or so it takes me and my family 10-15 minutes per line in the early morning

  23. i wouldn't bother getting the lounge for anything less than 3 hours cos there's always stuff to do I just go around all the shops have some food the aim is to kill time basically cos 2 hours will go quick if you are not thinking about the flight I usually check the board every 30 mins so I don't have to wait at the gate but I can still know about the flight without boring myself

  24. miriam m.m.m says:

    Well i am traveling at midday in a very busy airport (London Heathrow) so im gonna get there really early haha

  25. In most aeroplanes there is 2 doors like on the flights until I remember they split the seats in half at the wings so if your behind them you board,unboard out of the back and vice versa for the front 😉

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