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Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining in as usual. We are so excited to share with you this video which we have worked very hard on. This video will give you all the starter information you’ll…



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  2. crisspanda1 says:

    hi i have a question where can you rent the wifi box??

  3. C WONG says:

    This is very well thought out and helpful, thank you so much!

  4. This video is SO helpful, thank you for making this. I am going to Japan for the first time next month.

  5. Thank you. This was helpful

  6. Charlie says:

    Fantastic video, so much useful information. Another custom that foreigners may not be aware of is the right to 'reserve' a seat in the likes of McDonald's by placing an item you own on it. I made that mistake once and I've been absolutely mortified ever since. I assumed that a young Japanese mother had accidentally left her child's bib behind, so I merely handed it to her when she came back, and went back to eating. I was so ashamed when I realised that she was coming back to claim her seat, and I just left her standing there with a tray of food and a baby in the stroller. Of course, she was too polite to ask me to move. I wish I could apologise to her for my ignorance!

  7. tini zirah says:

    HI, one question , do ic cards can be use for jr line ?

  8. Great video🙂 I am planning a trip to Osaka and Kyoto in March. Thanks for the info!!!

  9. Elisa Hopper says:

    Super helpful…love it!

  10. Real Hedi says:

    Awesome video thank you

  11. Super helpful. I am visiting in summer of 2018.

  12. Thunder says:

    Very helpful. Thanks!

  13. Really helpful with all the details 👍

  14. SEPTEMBRE says:

    Great VDO , Very helpful.
    Thanks you guys.

  15. Jaye Milla says:

    Great video, thanks for being thorough! I'm planning my 2nd trip but I still found this incredibly helpful (:

  16. Assyrian says:

    So if i am traveling daily from my hotel in Narita to Tokyo , is Narita express (with JRPass) my best option?

  17. Khairul Azmi says:

    Thank you that was very helpful.
    About the wifi box, where do we need to rent it, and how to return it. My trip will be on tuesday next week, i will arrive at haneda but my return flight is in narita. Any tips?

  18. Diamond Dave says:

    NRT is too far out for me. I always fly into HND.

  19. Dovenflight says:

    Are there better or certain areas that are more "touristy" or visitor safe? Also, please do the extended accomodations video. Thanks

  20. Karla Ivonne says:

    Super great info!!! I took complete notes! We will be traveling to Japan in April and moving our way to other parts of Asia. Thanks for taking the time! 🙂

  21. Thien Nga says:

    thanks for the tips. Your video is so helpful. I few questions and please help.
    I will stay in Japan 10 days and I will buy a JR Pass for 7 days only. I will arrive to Haneda airport and departure from Narita Airport. So, do you think should I stay at TOKYO for few days first then activate my JR Pass when I go to visit OSAKA & KYOTO ?

  22. SeattleTA says:

    This is some of the best advice I’ve seen and I’ve been to Japan at least 30 times. Your segments on the Suica/Pasmo cards, trash, WiFi and money are especially important and well done.

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