DJI – Mavic Pro Travel Tips


Travel Tips

Making the most out of a trip can be challenging. Where do you go? How do you get there? And what should you do to preserve your best travel memories? DJI is here to help with seven practical…


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  1. Mark Shirley says:

    I noticed an excellent tutorial on Instagram for the Mavic Pro – do you have a tutorial playlist on any social platform.

  2. Love my Mavic Pro!! Actually makes me want to travel for once haha.

  3. awesome i just Love this Video so much!!

  4. DVSM says:

    I'm going to do all of that in just 2 weeks 😀
    Munich–>Abu Dhabi–>Thailand–>Myanmar–>Indonesia–>Australia–>New Zealand–>French Polinesia–>Easter Island–>Chile–>Iceland
    And of course the mavic and a world wide insurance come with me.
    My life is just great.

  5. Ivan Beram says:

    Hey everyone. I just got the DJI MAVIC PRO!! Check out my channel to see me first flight with it. It is amazing!! Ps. I’m subbing back to anyone who subscribes to my channel ! 🙂

  6. Is that a Volkswagen thing

  7. This is in Bali, Indonesia !

  8. LITVIBEZ says:

    Buy this get problems 24/7

  9. aslam amin says:

    Dji..i want dji mavic pro..pliss..i already subcribe ur channel..pless

  10. I did all of this on November 17th.  It arrived on November 20th and I opened it right away.  I had just spent the three days of waiting reading the manuals online, watching videos, and reading all about it on MavicPilots Forums.  So excited… but now, weeks later it still doesn't fly.  What happens when you open the box to your brand new Alpine White Mavic Pro and there are parts missing?  Mine arrived with mis-manufactured props – 9 that are Counter Clock Wise (CCW) and only one ClockWise (CW) !! I sent pictures of the problem to DJI the same day and set up a "CASE" number.  They assured me that I would be "taken care of right away" …. It's been over 3 weeks… 23 days since I got the case number.  No one has sent the promised updates, no one has replied via email (as indicated following Chats and a phone call).  The only time I've communicated is when I have initiated the contact.  They won't even honor my subscription to the "Care Refresh Service Agreement" which promises prompt repair services….. So much for spending an extra $99 for special service.  I'm really really disappointed.  I paid for this lemon through PayPal and am attempted to put the purchase into dispute.  I'd be interested in anyone's experiences using this process with large purchases.

  11. Chris Tofis says: one of my best drone Ever MAVIC PRO (one year from above)

  12. ArkaSEN says:

    Did that shooting place is in bali,that place seems like in bali

  13. ridho farraz says:

    shot the video in indonesia

  14. Rutape Ruth says:

    Cuando el controlador diga todo en español me lo comprare

  15. Haider Syed says:

    What beach is that at the end of the video??

  16. Gurdip Singh says:

    tried to do a manual dronie with my mavic.. its amazing.. and sooo stable! love it


    Hey.. please take a look at my work!!! Needing a motivation to continuing shooting and sharing! 😬

  18. This is Indonesia yoo..

    Im froom indoensia

  19. Haven Senjem says:

    Hey check out my Mavic Videos! A complete review is coming up! Thanks DJI!!



    Mavic Pro First Flight Fly More Combo and Review visit my Channel Rizki Porman Sidabutar

  22. This was a very well produced video. I really enjoyed it and will use it as inspiration for future video on my own channel where we provide tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you get the best out of your Mavic Pro

  23. abbas ali says:

    Greetings from your friend Abbas from Iraq to the great Chinese people and wish you success and prosperity + 從你的朋友阿巴斯從伊拉克到偉大的中國人的問候,祝你成功繁榮

  24. Great tips 👍
    Last month I created video from Mavic in same destination like you – Bali
    You can see on my channel

  25. mavic and bali. that's heaven.

  26. I really need a Mavic Pro. How to convince wife? Help me DJI!

  27. Pengalaman nerbangin di Bali – ada beberapa tempat yang dilarang terbang – karena tempat ibadah.
    Nekad nerbangin – mungkin harus bayar sejumlah uang.
    Pastikan kalo memang harus bayar – minta kwitansi, dan seharusnya uang masuk ke pengelola tempat atau Pemda, dan bukannya ke orang2 tertentu yang malakin (baca : pungli).

    Awi – APDI –

  28. Haris says:

    Bali, Indonesia. Waowww!!!!

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