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Travel Tips

Packing your bags for a family trip can become very stressful as a parent! Did you get everything you need?! Is everything ready to go?! Join Katilette as she …


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  1. aemt444 says:

    watching old vlogs cuz I miss yall

  2. Love this! I only have one kid and my house gets messy…can't imagine 5! Thanks for being realistic! I just did a video with 5 tips on steps to take before you start packing for the family. I worked with a professional organizer and she helped me get packing done in an hour! Check out some of her tips and I linked a free master checklist to use before packing linked in the vids description! anyone else have tips to share?

  3. Daxton specks color-coordinated to its blue

  4. make a review about roadeavour

  5. You are such a strong and loving person ColetteπŸ’ž you inspire me

  6. My mom lets me and my two older brothers pack our bag.

  7. Jasira Scott says:

    I'm going on trip to Lego land


  9. Miss you shay and collete ❀β™₯️

  10. Panda Donut says:

    Why don't they post anymore

  11. This is useful for me even when I'm a kid,because in this case I can actually stress off the problems we go through in packing,a lot of problems are us losing space and forgetting where to put my laptop,with Colette showing where she put her laptop,she really taught me to put it in the carry-on! Thank you so much Colette! Btw I love your name(s)!πŸ˜‚

  12. I miss you guys so much!! Hope you are doing well.

  13. I am not going to lie when I saw shay pick up daxan he really looked like his father

  14. sara soso says:

    oh I miss thim so much I am too sad


  16. I'm going to New York and Orlando this Christmas!!!

  17. When are they coming back πŸ˜­πŸ’” ik everyone misses them they are literally family goals ❀️😭

  18. I miss you mommytard I literally miss her so much even the family but mostly mommytard πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

  19. Ece Lina says:

    That's what my mom does the same thing for me and my sister than she checks it

  20. Lucky Ducky says:

    I miss the shaytards. I'm just glad they are working things out. I can't wait for the year to end

  21. can you start vloging again plzz

  22. Summer Marie says:

    you should put your the kids clothes and a ziplock bag and right on the line piece of paper the days and then the kids will know which clothes they're going to wear each day

  23. maria lopez says:

    feel like ava gets more attention then babytard

  24. Where did you go I miss you guys!

  25. Hannan Abdi says:

    I got a tip :I think you should roll

  26. LaurWolf52 says:

    There is one thing I HAVE to have with me on a trip, it is my brothers navy blue hoodie and he outgrew it, it is REALLY comfortable and I can't travel without it because it is sorta oversized on me also it's easy for me to ignore him with it because he can't see my earbuds through it and so he tries to annoy me and he can't see them so he is like "blah blah blah!" And I'm just like "WHAT!"

  27. LaurWolf52 says:

    The funny thing is my mom lets me pack and not my brother and I am younger than my brother probably because he just rolls his clothes in a ball and throws it in and for his sweaters he rolls the whole jacket in the hoodie and never organizes he never brings enough things because one year we stayed almost two weeks in Florida and he wore the same shirt for the second week after that he wasn't allowed to pack for himself

  28. Your kids are so adorable !!

  29. I can't stop looking at her eyes

  30. Amy Kng says:

    I have the same how you're wearing in the intro

  31. Pamela Wall says:

    are they staying married?????? after Shaye's cheating??? I wouldn't stay! he will do it again!

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