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Travelling Japan is cheaper and easier than ever before thanks to a recent boom in tourism. ▻ GET inspiration for your trip: ▻ DISCOVER …


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  1. I MENTIONED I travelled with some friends for two weeks; the total cost of our accommodation and transportation came in at £530 ($690) each. On top of this we spent at least another £600 each on food/drink, as it was their first time to Japan and they wanted to splash out and try everything. So in total around £1100 for the two weeks (NOT including their return flights to Japan from the UK). IF you have any budget travel wisdom, please share away below!

  2. Yukana Kochi says:

    I've only been there once… Then I was kidnapped by 2 wonderful parents :$

  3. Kiowa Savage says:

    There is a bar near me that does all you drink every Wednesday night from 10pm to Midnight. Its a $10 cover and you drink as much as you want but can only order 1 beer at a time. Thats the only place I know about that does that but it would pretty cool if it did all the time and had a lot more locations like in Japan.

  4. Luke Vickery says:

    If you stay in a hostel or capsule does that mean you will have to lug your suitcase around with you everywhere in the daytime?

  5. Stay in a manga cafe, about $15. Worst bed ever but it's a bed

  6. Wish i could visit it some day, but the cultural barrier and language barrier is too much for me i think.

  7. Rpodnee says:

    A nice hotel room in Japan is cheaper than a shitty hotel room here in the US. That's surprising.

  8. Cages? Im booking right now!

  9. Price of ?? 1 hotel room standard quality hot tub needed no bugs, 1 12 oz of top quality cocaine 8090% pure no glucose cuts or shit like that, 2 top quality prostitutes no lady boys or my daddy dosent love me types must be fun and up for party party 🎉, 20 top quality condoms no corners cut must be of highest quality, 1 fast food place delivery needed clean nice food no squid or sea food just a chow mein or something, 1 clown named bobo must be willing to sniff cocaine and ride a little bike (very important), 12 bottles of coca cola crisps chocolate (chewing gum very important) 1 disco ball with lights, 1 12 oz of weed good stuff not the crap 12 year olds sell, a box of 40 tea bags milk and a kettle, 15 Valium, and a dvd copy of dumb and dumber with subtitles

  10. Would have been nice to have more USD prices…

  11. Cody Doblar says:


  12. I live in switzerland, no matter where i go, every country is cheaper lmao

  13. Bo Qin says:

    Don Quixote has cheap snacks. Supermarket is cheaper than convenience stores. Vending machines are a ripoff.

  14. I have a general question, I want to visit japan but my knowledge of the language is limited, Could I get by with very limited Japanese.

  15. jay dee says:

    Japan seems awful.

  16. matsuya ftw ! been eating there for 2 years !

  17. Mikaela Fox says:

    Yes, that friendly smile. 😂

  18. jesus all the money just wasted on fucking sleeping and traveling…

  19. That food looks delicious!

  20. "For next time when you travel to Japan" heh in my dreams.

  21. Kevin R says:

    What about a living budget? I've a bunch of friends living over there and they're always on about either how impossibly expensive it is or that it's just 'meh' expensive…

  22. Asem G says:

    Weaboos are shitting themselves the moment they see this video

  23. The Udon itself for 500 yen is just noodles and the broth. WIth a decent amount of toppings it will amount to 700 to 900 yen. And dont miss out on the spice mix that is on the table. It is the bomb. CHeers. Japan is a lot cheaper with a bigger group. Since there are many group oriented offers.

    One last thing. Just. get. a. Suica card. for traveling. 🙂

  24. Any self-driven car service available ?

  25. Tokyo Gaijin says:

    The challenge is now to GET here to Japan, when a ticket from North America costs $3000/person, it's bloody impossible to overcome the airline passage barrier for most people to come here.

  26. Alison Young says:

    I can't wait till next May, we are staying in Tokyo in a Business hotel. Thanks for advice

  27. Peter Jindra says:

    Great video! I'm planning on going in a couple years and this was great to get me started thinking about different options.

  28. The Last Guy says:

    How much for the bitches.?
    Serious question!
    I like some japanese pussy

  29. Dan Daniels says:

    Who else thought this was a Chibi from the thumbnail

  30. Anju Maaka says:

    0:38 I went like "damn, he's in Sendai!!" I lived there until about 2 weeks ago (was there as an exchange student from Sweden)

  31. Ritokage says:

    "At least three months in advance", I booked everything the day before basically and it worked out great for me. Had problem to find a place once during my month there. So I'd say that's a bit exaggerated.

  32. I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN SO BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. monsieur van says:

    did all in japan. from bike to hike. started watching like 'look at this dumb fucker'.. ended it like d'ope video'. bit less of your face and more random cool shit and you re the man.

  34. I hope one day I could study or work in japan for just like a year and get to experience it. It looks like a incredible place.

  35. Jeffrey says:

    My uncle is half japanese(and was raised there for most of his early life), and i absolutely plan to travel to japan with him as my guide.

  36. hey..
    can you tell me how much food will cost to a pure vegetarian

  37. Cosmin D. says:

    This looks cheaper than UK.

  38. Is it just me or does he look like Chibi reviews in the thumbnail

  39. i like staying at nice hotels in japan. keio plaza in shinjuku is amazing. but i do make a bit more than people in my age. but i live in kansas in the usa so i tend to also have a large budget. since its so cheap to live here. Transport I love the jr pass, they are just faster than the bus. so you can see more… i dont like the buss for that reason. but the jr pass is very useful for the tokyo jr lines in tokyo. if im staying for a smaller time i like the charge cards you can even use them at some other places than just the transport system. ive actually started keeping my charge card, than turning it in. all in all a week costs me only 3k usd.

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  41. I would not touch those teddy bear caves in love motels….

  42. Lazy Poo says:

    God you seem like a cunt

  43. 仙台が挙げられていてちょっと感動w

  44. tomato 100 says:

    日本から見ています🇯🇵 安く日本で泊まるなら漫画喫茶もオススメです! ドリンクバーもあるし、マンガも読み放題で日本人も旅行の際漫画喫茶を利用することがあります 行ったことがなければ今度ぜひ行ってみてください(*^^*)

  45. Wowster says:

    I want to go to a country where it's full of racist and tourist

  46. Yattah123 says:

    This is gold. I need a video like this for every country

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