How to Travel Cambodia SUPER CHEAP!! Budget Travel Tips


Travel Tips

In this video I explore Siem Reap, Cambodia (near the Angkor Wat temples) and show you how much things cost. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?


45 Replies to “How to Travel Cambodia SUPER CHEAP!! Budget Travel Tips”

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  2. swampzoid says:

    I loved that strange music coming from the temple.

  3. Peter Mang says:

    Just came here cuz I’m Cambodian

  4. What is the name of the hotel that you are staying in? Gabriel, thank you for sharing your video!!

  5. Anne Corey says:

    The rooms look good and cheap breakfast is cheap very good video thank you for sharing ,.

  6. Just what Cambodia needs: more clueless cash-strapped soap dodgers living on the cheap….

  7. Pascal King says:

    Is the guy from australia? He speak very easy unterdtanding english. Its super i can unterstand

  8. did you take any malaria pills anywhere in south east Asia?

  9. Love my country Cambodia, Khmer best to best,

  10. Life of Pye says:

    I love Cambodia… had a great time filming my vlogs there!

  11. Jana M says:

    I miss this place 😭

  12. Jay L says:

    Do you prefer booking hostels in advance or just walk in?

  13. Nathan says:

    Looks like a shithole

  14. KN Daily says:

    welcome to Cambodia

  15. Kia K says:

    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to go back to my country

  16. Nice video, I love these types of videos ! if you'd like to watch a small travel vlog please check out my channel !! Keep shooting πŸ™‚

  17. Greig King says:

    Do you use the prostitutes? And how much do they cost

  18. Cambodia looks so much more quiet then Vietnam. Will definitely be my next stop.

  19. amit patil says:

    Cambodia is dam cheap for anyone

  20. JD Casey says:

    Just Subscribed to you!! I just uploaded a new Vlog, I'd love if you could check it out and leave me a comment telling me what you think!!

  21. Warren Locke says:

    Tipping is the "Norm" in Cambodia…… Div! if your gonna give out info at least give out good info. I've only gotten that far through the video and your wrong and your boring as fuck

  22. sbb85 says:

    I am married to a oriental female and have traveled extensively in asia. Cambodia like Laos is far cheaper than thailand or even vietnam..i even bought a home in northern thailand..much to my regret…what u forget to mention is that these SE asian places are cheap to travel…they are hot and humid…and worst they have huge mosquitoes.. This for me isa big nono..aNGKOR wAT turned out to be a big disappointment…..other than that, like u said people are friendly, relatively safe and cheap..if u have not been to malaysia…then i think that is perhaps the best place in SE asia…..with cambodia most of the street food is not prepared with hygiene as a priority and so i only ate in well known restaurants and they usually were twice as expensive as the street vendors…

  23. Donie Hmar says:

    Nice and very interesting.good job

  24. Phai Minea says:

    Welcome and thanks for travel in my country.

  25. Kent Sar says:

    dude, being cheap in Cambodia means you are getting the leftover craps that the Cambodian themselves wouldn't take for free.

  26. Best Tuberz says:

    100 r is less than 1 cent
    1000 r is a quarter
    20000 r is 5 dollars
    5000 r is 1 dollar and 25 cents
    By the way I'm cambodian/American I'm going back to America tommorow hope this tip is helpful be safe and don't get scammed guys

  27. phil phil says:

    The more cheap food was the more insane. Be happy and healthy.

  28. republic08 says:

    Uber and grab is available in cambodia?

  29. Conor says:

    The 'massage' was good!

  30. Kate Pdm says:

    ill be there in the winter. Whats with the water obsession? how true is it? what precautions did you take?

  31. Alina Rozica says:

    hey. I just found your channel and it's great! be blessed!

  32. Kirk Wilson says:

    Awesome!! Loved it! Thanks :

  33. Nik B says:

    is cambodia safe

  34. MR CHIPY says:

    I wonder if he got the "happy ending" in the massage ahhah

  35. thank you for visiting my country.

  36. Cambodia seems to be a little more third worldish, and a little more expensive than Thailand. Am I wrong ?

  37. I am Cambodia!! I went to Cambodia 2 times when I was little but I do not live in Cambodia…but it's okπŸ€—

  38. Mhet Blta says:

    very official n benefits

  39. Ace Spa says:

    Yes, you can drink their fruit and veg. Would you not get sick? I am a fruitarian and find it hard to go places (being scared of their fruit and veg)

  40. John's Vlogs says:

    Hey buddy im from cambodia too its been a long time since I visited though.. Im going to visit fam and friends sometime again..

  41. Mj Cutamora says:

    so you mean 200$ for one week

  42. Gerard Young says:

    im traveling to Cambodia this summer and Vietnam.

  43. Kim Hy TV says:

    hey that music is for funeral of the Buddhism and sometime it's for an anniversary or a third anniversary of the dead people so they can go peacefully and happily.

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