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A Norwegian girl gives you her top tips on how to travel Norway cheaply (relatively speaking). Norway is an expensive country no matter how you look at it, but …


34 Replies to “HOW TO TRAVEL NORWAY ON A BUDGET | Norway Travel Tips”

  1. You will find chapter times and links to the different tickets I mentioned in the info section! Xx

  2. Wideroe explore NWY ticket €435 for two weeks. Not cheap.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    lol fuck camping I am too spoiled for that shit I will be staying in hotels. Can you rent a condo for a month there tho?

  4. Joe Blow says:

    You must have spent quite a lot of time in the UK.

  5. John Mccabe says:

    How's your stay in Norway I've never been to Norway please let me know what s Christmas like please let me know please

  6. Im seriously deciding on a one week trip to Norway in June or July from the states. Right now I can get a round trip flight to Oslo from New Orleans and one week in a hotel for 1300 dollars  a person. That seems like a really good deal. I just worry if it's a good idea to tie myself down to one hotel in one city for the entire week and miss out on some of the more nature scenic parts of the country. I know I want to hike to Pulpit rock butI also want to enjoy things like the Viking ship museum and other museums in Oslo.Is it possible to make day trips to places like Pulpit rock by public transport or renting a car from Oslo ? Or do you recommend something else altogether?

  7. 6:20 *if you wanna have alcohol, go to Sweden and buy it

  8. supernova808 says:

    Nice sweet Irish accent!

  9. Gabby Port says:

    Wonderful informative video. Any luck on giving a rundown on a summer and winter road trip across Norway from England for a family of five, 2 adults and three children under 8

  10. Hey there, i'm travelling to Bergen for 5 days then 2.5 days in Oslo in January. Can you recommend a cheap option to see northern lights? Thanks!

  11. Hi dear..loved ur storytelling..if u get sime time..have a look at my cinematic travel video on Norway..

  12. Can you recommend travelling through norway by car? You didnt talk about that so I m just wondering 🙂

  13. Eti Enne says:

    Extremely interesting and will definitely be useful 😊 thank you !

  14. Hi I'm planning on taking a trip to Norway for a few days coming from the U.S for the Kendrick Lamar concert. How much money do you think I should bring to experience things? Also, do you think 3 days is enough to experience things in March? I never been out the country and I already paid my concert ticket, I just wanna see another world other than the U.S.

  15. YaeJi Lee says:

    Hi I’m a female and in my early 30s I was thinking about traveling to Norway alone. Is it safe for me to be traveling alone?

  16. Larry Olson says:

    Really great info – researching our first trip to Norway and this was very helpful! Bed and breakfast type spots seem uncommon. True?

  17. David. CR says:

    How much it would cost flight to norway from finland?

  18. Daniel Galun says:

    Bring your own tent, the woods are free

  19. Antun Katona says:

    Hello! I wanto to thank you for your videos about Norway! I visited your country in 2000 and stayed there for two weeks. There was something called "European youth music festival" then and it was held in Trondheim. We were representing our country, Croatia, and as such we got to do a bit of traveling. There was this part of Norway called Fosen (I am not sure I am writing this correctly) but it took an hour just to get across the sea with a ferry and then another several hours to reach the first town. There were lot's of small towns there and the people were incredibly hospitable and nice. We made friends with high-school students and they made us feel very special.

    This is turning into one long comment (I am known for that!) but I wanted to say that we got to Norway – by bus! It took 48 hours but I am grateful for the experience because you get to see all the countryside and at least in Norway, there is so much wonderful things to see. I mean, I could not believe it when we saw a bear in the fast stream catching fish in the middle of of thick forest. It almost seems like a dream now.

    II was so sad when we were leaving, it was terrible. But if I ever visit Norway again, Ill take the train. Airplane might be cheaper and faster but you want be able to "take in" all the beauty and inspiration.

    Greetings from Croatia!

  20. Brian Hall says:

    I'll be traveling to Moskenes at the very end of August. I've heard conflicting things about wild camping there since it's a more settled area. Do you think it would be doable to wild camp even if I wanted to stay a day in Reine or at a beach where camping isn't allowed on the beach? Also, if the weather looks like it's going to be harsh, I don't know that Lofoten will be a good idea for me. I fly into Bødo, so would you recommend any good "Plan B" sort of destinations? Bus to Narvik perhaps for the Polar Park or are there things more worthwhile elsewhere in the north? Thanks for the great video!!

  21. Thanks dear – keep up the good work

  22. F0NIX says:

    Where is the best place to go to see trolls in Norway (except on the internet…)?

  23. Ade Larsen says:

    1) Don't fly to Oslo Gardemoen – It's expensive and a drug-infested shit hole.
    2) There is only one Norway – that's north of Nidaros. North Norway rules. It is the real Norway.
    3) Going north ?? Drive the E3 and then the E6.
    4) Buy food from a farmer.
    5) It's 4.7%
    6) Come to Norway for the Trolls….. we have lots of them…..
    7) Tourists stay below Trondheim – Real people go north

  24. Alex M Jaber says:

    Love your advice. Will be there this summer….Can't wait. Where would you recommend to visit up North?

  25. Thank you for this Video!

  26. Hey, I am looking to do an exchange in norway next year. Could you give me some tips please?

  27. Nick Kav says:

    How much is the local train round trip vs the flytoget round trip? are they both located in the airport?

  28. Zo Ey says:

    Im going to Norway this may and this vidéo helped me so much !! Thank you 🙂

  29. JaQc says:

    Hey, this was awesome! Could you put the links of the tickets and info you talked about on the info box please? Cheers

  30. Dan Galla says:

    Loving the bandana 😉 Great tips, especially the free ones, I am ALL about the free ones haha.

  31. Jetlakerz says:

    🙂 Nice hat. Like the vlog.

  32. am gonna be rude…..can you ditch the insipid background music and add more interesting stuff. maybe some sort of folk music from your area or something. You used generic music on a few vids, and when your working down a playlist it gets very irritating to hear same track on every vid…….cheers)

  33. Jamie Banks says:

    Great tips. Hope I can make it to Norway someday!

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