India Travel Tips | Things You Should Know Before Visiting India


Travel Tips

What are some things that you should know before visiting India? How expensive is India? In our India travel tips guide currency tips, transportation, hotels, safety, food and health. We share…


21 Replies to “India Travel Tips | Things You Should Know Before Visiting India”

  1. Ajino Moto says:

    very informative. thanks guys

  2. Try to go in Gujarat(its a state) yeah it's safest place for tourists and also most developed state…

  3. Dear foreigners why don't you use paytm??

  4. Muneer A says:

    helo guys u didnt try kerala south part .its seems ur in del and bom.i will inviting u at my home where ever u want visit in kerala im great plesure to welcome .there is no more problem at all guys

  5. why don't u visit Bangladesh?.. where u will find the longest seabeach at Coxs bazar..which is 120 km unbroken…!! (not kidding..)

  6. Hi guys, we travelled to India from December to January and we also encountered trouble getting cash from the ATMs. This video would have been so useful for us. Great job for making it as it has lots of awesome information because we had very similar experiences. We travelled from Delhi to Agra, Udaipur, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala. It was an amazing adventure. This is my husband and I travelling through the south of India by train:

  7. 29 says:

    india has the best food in the world , the food u get in canada is peasant food , u pay 1000s in rent , spend 100$ on a dinner but when u wanna go to india and live like a peasant , india has the best hotels in the world with a world elite clientele .

  8. Zac San says:

    next time when you plan to visit india just visit Kerala (south india) you can search images if you are interested just come visit 🙂

  9. Uttarakhand- rishikesh second safest state in India in terms of crime

  10. kutchch says:

    carry a set of Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacin..and if u get diarrhoea..dissolve a sachet of ORS in 1 litre of water..drink as per ur thirst..the dose of metronidazole is 400mg twice daily, Ciproflox 500mg twice daily..take paracetamol(500mg) 6 hourly or SOS..its actually common to have gastroenteritis if you travel to asian countries as immunity levels and kind of gut flora that u ppl have and we ppl have r very the only thing I could say..enjoy ur trip..thnx for visiting india

  11. Uday Kiran says:

    Very positive and nice safety tips. Thanks so much for promoting India tourism.

  12. Hampi – once the richest kingdom on earth.. Kerala – Ayurveda, yoga 🧘‍♂️, Goa most them already know, the west coast goa to kerala a must, want to see the tribe not contacted by modern humans andaman islands..

  13. Palak Desai says:

    Are you from Toronto?

  14. U have apps like über & ola

  15. Aditya Bando says:

    if you want to save time travelling you can always opt for flight. India is well connected through air. It's also cheap.. Domestic flights are becoming more and more popular in India.

  16. Dipan Das says:

    Very honest and neutral views. Ignore the negative comments. I love your videos. Wished you stayed in Kolkata for a couple more days.

  17. B ADAHRII says:

    The most important for Foreigners women is to maintain descent dress and be aware during Night travelling. Especially when you guys were in North India. Places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh etc…. Once you caught up this, Nothing will happen.

  18. Jane Lee says:

    It’s Not safe to travel to India they R kidnapping and killing tourists!

  19. sachin vs says:

    Visit kerala and tamilnadu
    Kerala for its nature and food
    Tamilnadu for its old temple and palace

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