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After three and half amazing weeks in Kazakhstan, i wanted to share some of my experiences and tips to hopefully help others. I barely scratched the surface of the country, but these area few…


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  1. Destiny Fore says:

    i was actually born in kazahstan & i really want go back soon bc i think it would be an interesting experience & i was adopted when i was 6 months old so i don’t remember anything & watching your videos made me more excited to go & more prepared!!

  2. Hi, thanks for your great videos about Kazakhstan! We are planning to go there in june and Hope you can answer our question. Do you know if we can rent like a car with a driver to bring us Form Almaty to charyn canion, to altyn emel national Park, to kolsai lake and to kaindy lake? And how expensive is that? Or how did you go to these places? Thank you so much for your answers 😊

  3. Hey PatMax, We are just planning a trip to Kazakhstan, Astana and your video helped a lot. I just want to ask that is there somekind of place nearby Astana where we should go? I wanted to visit Kirgizstan but it's not going to fit in to our schedule! Great channel! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. tt v says:

    gas water in a dark blue wrapper
    just water in a sky blue wrapper

  5. Antoine says:

    Hey, I have a few questions:
    – You spoke about gas water etc.. Is it safe to drink running tap water or do you have to buy bottled water ?
    – You also stated that you have some online credit card's problem but is it easy to use credit card in real life (restaurants, mall…) and are the taxes important?

    Great video though, really helpful !

  6. Thank you so much, this is very helpful x

  7. I'm from Kazakhstan. And I'm proud of that. You said about my country. And really appreciate. Thank You so much. You've liked it. That's awesome….

  8. I just discovered ur channel and watched all your videos about KZ. I am glad u enjoyed ur time here. U r always welcome here and thank you very much for sharing ur experience and thoughts with others travelers as well as with us, local people. It was cute and funny when u were talking bout culture shock with taxi system here. We became so comfy with it that we dont usually think that smth bad can happen, it kinda gives a sense of community among locals and as u said it is very efficient. Anyways, thank u for all ur cool videos bout our country, we really appreciate it.

  9. stun000 says:

    Hello! I'm a female solo traveller and I'm planning to visit Astana for 5 days on Feb next year. Would it be better for me to book a tour or I can do it on my own (most specially for city tours)? What tips could you give me for 5 days itineraries? Do you have someone you know that can help/guide me once I'm there? Thank you!

  10. Thanks for sharing, pretty accurate description of the country. You saw many policemen cos u visited during expo. Apart from gypsy taxis, we have Uber, Yandex and Indriver taxi apps, very popular among locals and foreigners who reside in the country. You were lucky that no random driver tried to rip you off or locked you in the car when you refused to pay 3000 instead of the agreed 500. So I'd recommend travelers to get a local sim card with data (Activ or Beeline, can be purchased at the airport or any mall) and connect to Uber. Also before landing in kaz for the first time, find out standard taxi fare from the airport to the city because illegal taxi drivers will try to charge 10x normal price (that shouldnt even be mentioned, any sane person wd do research on that!).

  11. Luena Autumn says:

    PatMax, thank you for your detailed answers. You gave your true view and I believe, that it would be helpful for travelers.
    I am glad, that you enjoyed your trip in our country! I wish you good luck and happiness!

  12. Nice video👍. Tnx from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿.

  13. nojin bae says:

    This sparked my interest not only in Kazakhstan, also other ~stans

  14. LUKAS says:

    Glad to see you had a great time! May I ask what your next plans are?

  15. PantHer says:

    Hello im from Macedonia and i want to visit kazakhstan next summer i dont have visa @PatMan Adventures answer my question please you are the best !

  16. So I'm guessing we're going to see you in Kyrgyzstan next? Are you visiting Osh? You're probably going to Bishkek, I'm assuming…

  17. Nam Kim says:

    Can you compare the cost of living there to other Asian countries? Just roughly like 'cheaper than Thailand'

  18. Stan Kormy says:

    Sounds like you enjoyed your time in Kazakhstan!
    They will have horse burgers there as McDonald’s opens!

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