Minimalist DIY Travel ESSENTIALS | PRO Packing Tips ✈🌎


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Our MINIMALIST carry on ESSENTIALS for travel packing. These hacks and tips give YOU the ultimate travel packing list. Everything you need and nothing you …


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  1. Put your essential in airtight see through travel kits to make them accessible and easy to see when you unpack. My favorite travel kits are from Roadeavour.

  2. Suga Kookie says:

    "and we are two brothers…"

  3. beachman831 says:

    I pack MUCH less than the items they recommend.

  4. Rico La says:

    How do you get a water bottle on the plane?

  5. You guys were super informative and you made your video very fun I loved it please keep making videos

  6. Great advice guys! I always try and pack with minimalism in mind

  7. Smoothsay2 says:

    Disposable undies are good. I hardly ever wear undies these days. It works well traveling, no piles of dirty undies.

  8. Hello guys you are really howesome, can you give me the list of your pills you bring for your trips? Thanks

  9. The Journey says:

    Great tip we use a lot of these ideas for our trips!

  10. Aditya Saha says:

    I laughed at the way they used baksheesh 😀 . I t literally means wages but they made it sound like a bribe.

  11. Radam No says:

    Lol, the whole video is just them advertising 50 different products to try and make you buy

  12. Nate Junik says:

    You can get free bank accounts that have no atm fees all around the world

  13. TAKE A LOOK A MY BLOG PLEASE! More adventure to come:

  14. Ali Shahbaz says:

    This sort of travel is a travel without adventure for sure

  15. TheDoonzman says:

    awesome video!!! my tip: many backpackers (nature types, not travel types) don't use boots anymore while on the trail. They are extra heavy and causes tons of fatigue. That being said, ill never wear boots again, if at all possible. sturdy athletic shoes ftw!

  16. Journal is definitely necessary when you're traveling! Thanks for helpful advice, guys and moments like 6:59 😉

  17. Marc Pollie says:

    whats the name of the mini tripod on the sony

  18. Henry TX says:

    Don't forget the battery pack for your cellphone! The sheer number of times where I wish I had one on me…

  19. Rages says:

    For I mainly go on long flights and I am currently in school so I just work on my essays on flights

  20. Tow Hee says:

    Haha, frozen credit card, heck yes that almost ruined one of my trips haha

  21. Tim McManus says:

    I pressed like for the hash joke

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  23. Half way through I realized this is their shout out to their sponsors. Minimalist? hmmmm

  24. Great video! I've uploaded a similar video on my channel using my Osprey Farpoint 40. Please check it out! 🙂

  25. STI828 says:

    what the fuck is a refillable water bottle. what bottle is for one time use. god dammit you guys would try to sell anything. instead of shitting on people for money go outdoors

  26. Sorry I'm not going to sit here looking at the dude on the right. Out!

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  28. Thanks, really helpful

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  30. parisamour13 says:

    So for the water bottle, It's fine if you take a bottle on board with you right? As long as it is empty when you pass through security? I have a big one and am scared they wont let me in with my bottle.. nervous laugh

  31. Bill McQueen says:

    I love that you always link products. It makes life so much easier… I hate the pause, rewind, freeze crap! Thanks Guys!

  32. Ahmed Yamany says:

    01:37 is it just me or did I hear the word "Hashish" which means drugs in Arabic ?

  33. New subscriber and just noticed Frida on your wall 🙂 Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I can apply some of these to traveling with three kiddos and husband!

  34. Pug says:

    isn't bacsis romanian

  35. Doc Brown says:

    I love traveling light so I usually pack as little as I can in a small backpack. But sometimes they stop me at the airport and once I was almost denied entry into Canada when taking a bus from Seattle. They said I was suspicious because I didn't have a lot of luggage. WTF! Why would I want to lug around so much shit. I really get annoyed when I get stopped. Anyone else experience this??

  36. you guys are so cute! Thanks for the great tips 😉

  37. Loved it! will make a check list of that!

  38. A M says:

    Hashish and Bag'shish could be the title of an interesting Travel Novel lol !!

  39. wow, a box manfragrance…. really.. minimalist.. you guys need some serious lessons in travel light.. hahahahahahahaha.. cellphone, credit card passport sunblock and shades.. nothing more…

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