My China Travel Tips after 47 Days of Traveling China // This is China


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After an entire summer of traveling China, I want to give you my travel tips, suggestions, and warnings about traveling the country. This is what you need to know …


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  1. Pretty much agree with everything you just said. After about 30 days the country left me pretty exhausted as well. It's definitely not a country to start with if you wanna travel independently in Asia.

    The language barrier is definitely one of the bigger issue while traveling in China, and having some kind of offline translator on your phone may help you out pretty much. I also recommended anyone to learn numbers or basic phrases in Mandarin, since it may help you with everyday necessities and especially negotiations with locals.

    What I didn't like was how over-expensive some of the entrance fees to sightseeing locations in China were. I haven't seen such prices even in supposedly expensive Japan. No way I'm going to pay 30 bucks an more to see a replica of some pagodas surrounded by masses of Chinese tourists and artificial kitsch. It seems that even the locals get massively ripped-off, especially near really popular sightseeing locations. Sadly, many formerly good places in China turn into turd by domestic development and mass tourism. Take Lijiang for example, which maybe 25 years ago was an authentic old town inhabited by Naxi minority people – now it's just a Neon-illuminated kitsch party theme park taken over by greedy investors.

    Transportation was sometimes a hit or miss experience. While in general China has a good transport infrastructure, it may be worth to put some extra research into this before you go to China. Everyone should especially read beforehand how the train system in China works, especially how to purchase train tickets in time. Don't be like us and think you could easily go to Guangzhou's main station in the evening to spontanously buy some tickets for the next day. 🙂

    Taxis in China are cool though, widely available and not too expensive. Just make sure to show to the driver the Chinese characters of the place you want to go to. And make sure beforehand if it's really the correct station or place you want to go to. Often bigger Chinese cities have several main train stations with similar looking names, and foreign travelers often make the mistake to drive several kilometers to the wrong one.

    The most rewarding experience in China is definitely stepping off the beating path. These were the most memorable moments from our China trip. Some things we experienced were for example witnessing a traditional Chinese funeral or being invited by locals for a feast (spicy snail soup, yum). There are also many good places to hike and trek in China, like Yubeng in Northern Yunnan which has almost a Tibetan / Himalayan vibe to it.

    I found Chinese people in general were quite cool too, especially the younger generation which is really interested in all things coming from the west. Funny and memorable encounters with locals in Mainland China are guaranteed, especially if foreigners like us pop up in a small, random provincial town. I only found that many employees and officials, ticket sellers or bus drivers are pretty much unfriendly ***holes. Just be prepared that many of them (not all certainly) just want to rip you off big time.

  2. Colab with food ranger

  3. Dora Wang says:

    $20 hotel? I cannot believe you going that cheap.

  4. Fun Kai says:

    Chengdu has no sun.

  5. Shawn Yeoh says:

    Itchy feet on the cheap. You are just a lower middle class some crap from America trying to find the opportunity to make a living in China without finding the need to adapt to the culture. Whatkind of fuck is such people. Is there any other country that's so generous as China is, to accept a tourist like you?
    You just wasting your time for whining and complaining for stupid reason

  6. Shawn Yeoh says:

    Itchy feet on the cheap. If you can't speak Chinese. You should not go to China and therefore the need to post such stupid silly video does not rise. English is slowly becoming an irrelevant language It's Russian and Chinese are becoming international languages You should not come to China in the first placeYou should investigate your own motive for leaving your country for China in the first place.

  7. xiaodi sha says:

    封面照片好像松顿叔啊哈哈!Billy Bob Thornton

  8. Trip Bitten says:

    Sorry to hear you got burned out, but glad you are safe and good information about traveling in China.

  9. wu gaoxu says:

    Dont know the people you asked for help were old people or yong generation. I was born in1992. I studied English since year 3. So I believe young people there speak English, at least you can communicate with them. It’s not that hard. Chinese people are shy, they rarely talk to you before you talk to them, but if you ask for help, people like to help.

  10. Jasper Ruu says:

    English proficiency is still a quite differentiating educational resource in China. I can assure you that those 20-dollar budget hotels can hardly afford to hire college graduates with a decent English proficiency as receptionist personnel.

  11. As a Chinese , i'd like to say that people who can speak English well dont work in the hotels or restaurants , unless they dont want to make more money .

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  14. Wilson Paul says:

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  16. Wilson Paul says:

    Welcome to China, you should go to hangzhou and xiamen, you will like the xihu lake and the beach,lot's of unlike chengdu food, another kind of taste

  17. I know you mentioned about the risk of getting sick from street food due to poor hygiene but what about in the small noodle shops and restaurants, what is the hygiene like in those places? Great video BTW, very informative. It is my biggest dream to visit China someday. 🙂

  18. I have been to China many times. China is challenging but worth it. The biggest dramas I have had are when my data plan has run out and I've tried to top up in another province it just doesn't translate well at all.
    I also found people quite helpful coming back to write notes in English or link up on WhatsApp if we couldn't understand each other's speech.

  19. lap ja says:

    hey you look like Justin Bieber in his 40s

  20. Gary Wang says:

    Love that confusing. Nowadays 0.5rmb is the minimum currency people use in the daily life. He said the price is 1.5rmb for 2 baozi, that's why he recommend you buy 6 instead of 5, he cannot charge you for 1 baozi

  21. Linus Wärn says:

    What do you do for a living if I may ask?

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