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Travel Tips

I’m Aja Dang and here are a few of my favorite travel tips and how I pack for a vacation! Most of these packing and travel tips and hacks I’ve learned from my …


25 Replies to “My FAVORITE Travel Tips | How To Pack | Aja Dang”

  1. Eden Salilig says:

    your editing is becoming better Aja! i enjoyed watching this.

  2. Travis Zane says:

    Awesome video!!!! Love the content 🙂 check out mine if you'd like

  3. Hey Aja, is your luggage regular carry on or the bigger carry on? I'm debating which one to get 😬

  4. salty1400 says:

    Hi! Which size do you have ? If it's the bigger carry-on have you had any trouble with airlines not letting you carry it on ?

  5. Jessica says:

    Sooo, about those sunglasses racks…🤔#ineedthose

  6. Jenna R says:

    Wow that jewelry hack is so smart! My necklaces always get tangled and sometimes I end up not wearing them cause I don't have time to untangle them. Thanks for the tip Aja!!

  7. Jenny Ha says:

    your code does not work. :/

  8. Linda Le says:

    Since you're in Thailand…next up: travel vlog!😄

  9. Karen Haigh says:

    Your suitcase has an inbuilt charger?! I'm shook

  10. Wow I love your apartment such a stunning interior!

  11. helpful tip w the jewelry hack! ❤️

  12. Jean Wang says:

    omg call me OCD but, wheels on the bed and dirty shoe soles touching hat and inside the luggage? :(((((

  13. Dannggg that suitcase is a beast! Haha I gotta cop one

  14. how'd you pick phuket as your vacation spot? super excited to see the vacation vlog (:

  15. Aja Dang says:

    Spent 25 hours on an airplane and had to go through one tropical storm, but I finally made it to Thailand! Thought this was the perfect video to upload to start my vacation

  16. Ena D says:

    Great tips, and perfect timing! Thanks Aja

  17. Megan Chu says:

    i couldn't get the promo code to work??

  18. I love that saran wrap tip!

  19. Isha says:

    What size do you have?

  20. kromatic says:

    Ah just my luck. I just returned from vacation! 😅😂

  21. interesting content. good job girl ;D

  22. that japanese girl style at 2:02 rofl ;'D

  23. Great to see another "list" person 🙂

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