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Travel Tips

Verreisen nur mit Handgepäck? Im Video „Packing Tips“ – dem dritten und damit letzten Teil der Travel Trilogy – zeige ich euch, was ich einpacke und wie ich …


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  1. Love watching packing videos, relieves my inner OCD

  2. Very helpful! Try adding roadeavour's travel toiletry kit!

  3. Daijae doll says:

    I love video like this

  4. vanntaehyung says:

    I am not even going anywere yet I watch this. So pretty!

  5. Absolutely loved this video!

  6. Oh😮this video is cool 😇

  7. فيه عرب؟؟؟؟!!!!!!!

  8. How many days and which destination?

  9. Beautiful video… i love the editing

  10. GraceDcastle says:

    This video is so helpful and so beautifully made

  11. Wondering why you pack everything under the zippered section of the suitcase lining? Never seen the done before. There are straps in your case to hold down clothing, and I thought the zippered part was to cover the metal rods of the extendable handle?

  12. Alli Ortega says:

    what brand is this suitcase?

  13. says:

    Great advices for packing your luggage!

  14. E E says:

    Definitely 👎🏻…

  15. KewpieGirl says:

    very helpful tips, great outfits ideas! bravo 🙂

  16. Angela Dan says:

    instead of putting tissue paper in the sandals you could put socks

  17. I was thinking that you actually only can bring 100 ml to German airports… are you allowed to bring more when it's in a clear bag?

  18. Osca Alva says:

    great but is this a carryon bag ? looks to big

  19. these packing videos are so visually satisfying.. I don't know why 😁

  20. Nat says:

    Amazing vid! I love your style ❤️

  21. Äl M says:

    Nisi ich liebe deinen Style <3

  22. I really enjoyed the music & video style.

    1 second longer per outfit would be great, because they flew by so fast!

  23. We pack super similar, except 1 important thing left out, a medium sized plastic bag to put dirty clothes in.

    *I pack 1 sweater & 1 jacket, temperature changes, be prepared. Wear the jacket on air plane, its chilly & leaves more room in carry on.
    *I NEVER re-wear shirts, they get sweat from walking around, etc.
    *I pack only dresses, I'll make sure they all have a color in common with each other. Then the pair of shoes I wear is in that color.
    So if I go on a 2 week vacation, I'm already wearing the 1st days outfit, pack 13 dresses.

  24. unknown n says:

    dont you bring pajamas

  25. Emma Woop says:

    Hi. Love the video, I had to sub. I also travel loads and upload videos so go check it out 🙂

  26. kira tønner says:

    where is the red sweater from? it's soon lovely! i love it

  27. Where is your suitcase from?

  28. Alexsandryna says:

    this is definetly a really great tipss!! thx for sharing 🙂

  29. This packing style is very efficient!

  30. HYEMI YOO says:

    I love your video!! Expecting some fun trip for me this month 🙂

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