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  1. Ambie Drew says:

    I'm going to Japan next month, it's my first self-organised trip, so I'm a bit clueless where travelling is concerned. This video has been really helpful! Thanks for the tips gal, I'm getting my shit together as we speak!

  2. Bella says:

    A great tip that has helped me out many times: Cache the map of the city or area you'll be visiting on your phone. No matter if you have data or reception, you will be able to locate yourself on the map and you can calculate a route from A to B (only car though, not walking). You can find this in google maps, in offline area's

  3. Sam Haggart says:

    You look so so stunning omg β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  4. Leaf Man says:

    I don't like going on airplanes to be honest

  5. Such a good video! πŸ™‚

  6. Claire Barr says:

    Thanks for the great advice Helen. Can you list the best holiday apps you use. Thanks x

  7. Jasvitam says:

    Great tips, Helen! Thank you! I'll try to remember these next time I plan a trip! πŸ˜€

  8. TonOfHats says:

    Just another note on the travel insurance, make sure the insurance is reputable!! I don't care how cheap and how much of a bargain you think you'v found, I speak from experience when I say that cheapest is not always the best! And that goes for pretty much everything haha!

  9. Leah Glen says:

    I'm so scared to travel seems to complacaited

  10. Mila Rosha says:

    That's very heplful, thank you Helen! Also this makeup 😻 😻 😻

  11. Paula Porras says:

    Would you do a more in depth video about the plastic wallets and itineraries, i want to know exact how to do it, cause I have no clue.

  12. EllieJ says:

    Super helpful! Planning a last minute trip, good timing with this video! X

  13. Love your videos. Thinking of starting my own channel for beauty and lifestyle and such. <3 YOU ARE DEF ONE OF MY INSPIRATIONS xoxxoxo

  14. Serena Gaf says:

    Me and my boyfriend travelled to Japan last month and all your tips were perfect the more you plan the more you can relax πŸ™‚

  15. NitsuGatcha says:

    Heyyy! I really needed this right now. Just watched your interrailing video.. thinking about doing it next year- my first time travelling abroad alone! Can I also ask what camera lens you use please? I'd really really love to know <3

  16. Really useful, thanks hels

  17. I'm planning a trip right now so I loved this!

  18. Two lil points
    Sites like sky scanner aren't always cheaper – I'm currently booking to fly to Disneyland Paris skyscanner wanted Β£1500 easyJet want Β£500! Big difference but it just shows you really need to shop around!
    Revolut is a really good app for currency exchange. It's also good because u can top it up whenever you like so you can save money via the app and then spend when you need to. You pay Β£5 for a debit card and then your off and you can use the card in the UK and abroad x

  19. How long should you have time between changing flights? I have never flied before so I have no idea how long stuff takes

  20. This has totally helped! 19 and finally planning my first holiday on my own. A few things didn't even spring to mind. Thanks Helen!!

  21. Valeara says:

    Please be informed that for the Netherlands, the health insurance is responsible for your medical bills. (I work for an emergency centre for accidents in foreign countries) Declaring medical bills with your travel insurance provider might be turned down if you haven't tried to declare it with your health insurance company first! πŸ™‚

  22. Emma Tabitha says:

    Also! TRAVEL PLUG ADAPTERS! And if you have multiple things to charge bring and extension cord β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€

  23. aiwxo says:

    Can I come on holiday with you please??!!

  24. I dislocated my knee in Spain and had to go to hospital and get a cast etc. Luckily it was free due to the EHIC. Definitely bring one if going to Europe xx

  25. Avalon Ible says:

    You had so much energy in this and it really felt like you were refreshed after your break

  26. This was so helpful, thanks!

  27. Haven't seen a video of yours in a while. Loved the travel tips.

  28. Helen, I LURVE your style and your videos are so good! 😍

  29. Lizz Bolton says:

    Your camera quality just looks super amazing in this video, idk if anything has changed, but it looks super clear!

  30. Courtney x says:

    Read the small print on all your insurance as well.

    I went to see the doctor because I had bad asthma and I had to pay Β£200 excess fee, then another Β£300 for seeing a doctor and having a nebulizer. Got home and the insurance wouldn't cover it. Fucking worst

  31. Jocelyn Rose says:

    I cannot stress how important travel insurance is, and knowing exactly what it covers. Lots of covers have a loop holes so it's good for you to know what you are covered for.

  32. Plastic wallets and itineraries for each person! Amen sister, I do that too! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Š

  33. About the money card thing!: when using a cash machine abroad look into a potential message that will appear about something to do with the exchange rate – I can't remember if you need to press yes or no (have a google) but one charges you a rate and the other doesn't!

  34. Question where is that Lynnard Skynard top from I LOVE HIM SO much xxx

  35. stxlina says:

    that video is perfect timing since me and my best friend are going to travel soon!! your tips will be very helpful haha thanks helen xx

  36. LLimWalker says:

    That's so freaky! Yesterday I re applied for an EHIC as my previous one expired! Tip I saw on Martin Lewis money saving expert πŸ˜„ also found out about the monzo card on that show too which paul recently got. All very helpful things πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  37. MM WW says:

    Revolut is also good, similar to monzo ☺

  38. Amy Earle says:

    I loooove making itineraries too! I love having them presented all nicely with a day to day break down of flights/transport, activities, a list of suggested places & food places to go to. I'll print one for my boyfriend and I, have backups on my phone & tablet. Then every booking confirmation will have a hard & soft copy too.

    Another tip – write down the consulates in the area you're going to incase of the worst like you lose your passport, terror attacks etc.


  39. kristinadj says:

    Dude what's your lipstick? It's gorg xx

  40. Ra Na says:

    Such a useful video . Thank you x

  41. Jana Weckx says:

    A+ video but also, daaaaaamn Helen, your eyebrows are looking soooooo good

  42. my family and i just flew to sweden/italy from the us and my mom & i had to pressure our dad to upgrade our tickets to include meals bc he didn't think it was necessary but we're massive foodies… You don't mess with our food. and when we finally got our meals on the plane my dad was so happy to eat I swear I saw tears in his eyes! Loved this vid Helen!

  43. selda k says:

    i feel like you could help me with my problem!!!!! HOW can i add coloured frames/borders to a video?? what software to use (preferably free)???

  44. What's going on with the random whoosh noises Helen x

  45. TheDjieuwke says:

    Such a fan! πŸ˜€ And great camera quality! Does anybody know what camera she uses? I didnt check all of her video's, maybe she's done a video about her camera, so sorry if im bothering anyone with this question.

  46. Diva380 says:

    Kept hearing "wooshing" sounds when there was nothing to "woosh", lol. Otherwise, solid video.

    And I second Helen on that Traveler's Insurance concerning American healthcare, especially right now. I don't care what part of the world you're from– if you're coming to the States, get Traveler's Insurance (or whatever insurance will cover you in the States), because our healthcare is hanging in the balance, and although we're fighting just to keep it what it is right now (which isn't even great, but it could be so much worse), we might not win, and that means visitors to the States can end up paying through the ass if something goes terribly wrong.

  47. Sometimes it's great that you cannot go practicly anywhere without visa because you cannot get visa without insurance πŸ™‚

  48. I don't have the greatest urge to go travelling but I could literally listen to you talk about anything haha! you make everything so interesting. also the video quality is amazing! ^^

  49. Sophie Lily says:

    I loved this video! Really helpful, especially for a nervous traveller like me! x

  50. Shirabira0 says:

    Best youtuber everrr! thank you for the tips!

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