RV Travel Tips for Vacation and Full Time RV Living


Travel Tips

We pulled off the highway to a rest area and shared some RV travel tips for vacation and/or full time RV living, in this video. BACK SUPPORT CUSHION The …


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  1. KRoseVideo says:

    Thanks for sharing lots of great tips. Not all relevant to our style of camper, but all are useful as we consider future trips and future campers. Highly recommend this video of tips for all campers.

  2. Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Knut Blaise says:

    Great tips. I have a Samsung Note 3 phone with stylus. I use it all the time for hand writing notes. If using a paper based notebook consider photographing the pages so you have the notes even if you don't have access to the paper notebook.

  4. Joe Allen says:

    I know you stated that the gps has it's issues, but we purchased the Garmin 760 trucker and you can program in what vehicle you have, height, etc. Worked much better than other gps's we have owned and with our trip to Alaska last year, never had a problem with roads, etc. Oh, we still use the old paper map system as well. lol

  5. Love your video. My tip is too always carry a pistol and plenty of ammo

  6. Luis Puccio says:

    I could not live without my satellite radio great video as usual

  7. DWDinAtlanta says:

    I also use the notebook method for our RV. I have one with 3 sections and use them for Travel notes, Things to Buy and Repairs & Maintenance. Our oldest son lives in Southern Oregon and while we were out there during Spring Break, I talked to them about touring the Oregon Coast one summer. They are going to Mexico this year, so hopefully next year will work out. I've heard a lot of the campgrounds & State Parks have cabins or Yurts they could stay in or maybe rent an RV. They have several places along the coast they love to stay at. I think the northern area will be new for both of us!

  8. I added an auxiliary fuel tank by using a Better Bilt transfer tank from Northern Tool, it measures 45 inches long by 11 inches wide by 17 inches high. Had to have a steel nipple welded in the lower left side to attach a ball shutoff valve and run the fuel line through a hole in the bed to a magnetic shutoff then through a fuel pump and then through a jeg's fuel filter/water separator and into the trucks existing fuel inlet filler. The pump and magnetic valve are energized by a rocker switch on the dash. The aux. tank holds 36 gallons and the truck tank holds 34 gallons, so when the truck tank shows around 1/4 I turn aux. pump on and shut it off at or above 3/4. We could, theoretically, make a 600 mile run at 10 mpg and still have a little fuel left. In reality we need to stop more often and use the capacity to pick the fuel stop we want, not when the truck tank tells us to.

  9. Just found your channel and have enjoyed them. I am not sure if this question has been asked and answered or if you have covered the answer in an earlier video but it dawned on me when you were talk about the bill from satellite radio, what do you do about an address for your mail to come to? Thanks again for the channel and all your info.

  10. Love the informative videos, this is why I watch RV travel channel to learn. While I don't mind videos about traveling to places on what to watch for a lot of RV channels are starting to look like watching someone home movies, keep up the good work.

  11. Matt Hillman says:

    How far do you go with your tank (miles and fuel gauge position)? I'm one of those that hits half a tank and I'm ready to fuel up. lol
    I had a fuel gauge fail on me and didn't get it fixed for awhile so 200 miles was my gauge and this was about the time diesel was in the $4 range so half a tank was about right to only swipe the card once at the pump.

  12. Lee and Mel says:

    That's what i'm talking about!

  13. Very pretty walk. I kept expecting a surprise like maybe Susan getting lost (not really) and you looking around for her. 😳

  14. Y C says:

    Not a new RVer but found some very helpful ideas here. Thanks so much.

  15. A K says:

    Great video! What torque wrench do you have? How do you know how much torque to apply?

  16. tootz1950 says:

    Oh no, what happened to the ending? I was expecting Susan to do a handstand on that big old stump. Lol

  17. great tips. Remind everyone when travelimg west diesel stations are much further apart then in the east. We live in pa and 3 years when to Utah and found out WOW should have planned a little better. didn't run out of diesel but was nervous. July we are going to Montana and will plan better. again thanks for the great tips.

  18. Thanks for the practical tips. We still use the paper map, along with our Garmin RV GPS.The RV GPS has proven very useful in the northeast to avoid low bridges and narrow roads.

  19. susannyloves says:

    Thanks for the great tips! Danny and I recently bought an RV (that needs a little renovation) and we hope to go full-time within the year. We'll definitely use your idea for a small travel notebook and maps for planning. We're on the east coast, so it's a treat to see videos from the west coast. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  20. Nice tips, the wife and I will be taken a 2,200 miles trip this summer for ours first long trip and this would be handy to have, awesome video.

  21. I really enjoy your videos. Not trying to be picky, but you have a typo in the introduction to your "bonus" footage. I believe you're hiking the Steam Donkey Trail, not the Stream Donkey. Again, not nit-picking, I really do enjoy your work.

  22. Katwoman says:

    I'm wanting to try the RV GPS that I saw on another channel. (Amazon link below). We're kind of old school, too, and really appreciate your sharing what you've found that works. Thank you.

    Not to be too personal, but you two are the cutest couple! Great match.

    Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5Q2YMO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_j4ifzbM78FP7R

  23. Lynda Sysko says:

    Tucker's mom again. This was a great video for a newby like us. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Rob Bishop says:

    another great video guys. keep up the good work.. safe travels

  25. Buck Ruhl says:

    I like your style. Very simple very informative. Keep up the good work.

  26. I enjoyed this video! You gave some great ideas. Thank you for sharing where you are at.

  27. Hula Shack says:

    Wow, that was informative and lots of great tips. I took notes. The hike was amazing! I have a few questions that maybe you could consider for a video /videos:

    1.) could you go over your steps to downsize and hit the road? I can't seem to get motivated and selling my house and junk in the house is so overwhelming.

    2.) Would you mind sharing your aprox. expenses on the road?

    3.) You might have done this before but could you go over memberships and passes,etc you use to keep your camping affordable? With your rig, can you use BLM?

    4.) Health Ins. Dr's and staying well on the road?

    I think that is it for now. We always enjoy your videos! THANK YOU for making them!

  28. Great tips, and the hike footage was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  29. John Streu says:

    Really enjoy your videos. Great tips as well. Thank you for sharing. PS Dooley is my wife's childhood nicknameπŸ˜€

  30. safeharbor7 says:

    Great tips, thank you… thumbs up…

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