The ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights ✈️ | Tips from a travel PRO


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Hi Friends! Today’s video I am sharing my ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights. I am a seasoned veteran of long haul flights, and I’ve developed a great system to …


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  1. Yadah Gordon says:

    I'm going to Canada in less then 2 weeks. It's my first ever flight, and it's an 8 hour flight 😩😩😩 This really helped, thank you xx

  2. mehe85 says:

    Only thing I hadn't packed was blotting papers

  3. Meg For It says:

    My husband and I travel with two kids and we typically only carry two backpacks for the 4 of us! We do have a small shopping list of stuff we pick up every time we reach a destination but keeping it minimal really helps with the stress of dragging a ton of junk around 🙂

  4. I have no money to travel. I just come back to this video cause shes awesome.

  5. letterwoman1 says:

    I thought that you only get to carry on one bag of liquids. isn't that the TSA rule?

  6. i nnour says:

    This was so helpful thank you!! And btw you look like Demi lovato in this video 😉

  7. Micky M says:


  8. Miss Kahoks says:

    Love the video thank you so much! Quick question tho, for the empty water bottle – where do you fill it up in the airport? Just at like a water foundation? I tend to always have to buy a bottled water once I pass TSA and they always like double/triple the price of it lol

  9. Lmao " you don't wanna be a stinky little fucker " I'm dying 😂

  10. Who else watches marathons of these videos when you are about to go on a trip….

  11. amv lrs says:

    I have to leave for a cross-county flight next Tuesday, (its Thursday for me now,) and I have not prepared at all. Thank you for this !!

  12. your eyes are so beautiful

  13. who thinks she looks like demi lovato …. anyone, just me okay

  14. Lyricaldove says:

    Everyone has different priorities when traveling. You are lucky that you've never had the need to pack an extra outfit. I have had my checked bag lost by the airlines a few times. The worst was when I flew to Casablanca and British Airways lost my luggage. It was found after three days. Luckily I had extra undies and an extra outfit. I would not want to have to go shopping for clothing after a long flight, but each person has his/her way of packing. I now pack a skirt, a couple of tops, sandals and a couple of days of undies in my carry on. I use space bags to save space. I also bring Woolite packets to do a wash in the sink. Each packet is good for one wash.

  15. Lyricaldove says:

    I enjoyed watching your video but don't understand why you didn't have a change of clothes in your carry on.

  16. OMG, thank you for this video!!! going to take an international flight, and now i feel so much better about being stuck in a cramped space for 10 hours. you helped a lot. greetings from the usa. 😉 had to edit to add that i've been watching a ton of these and yours is the best!

  17. raymond good says:

    Detroit to the Cape York Peninsula -24 hours in the air!

  18. subscribed! 🙂 nice video! very helpful. 🙂 This is the best travel tips given by a youtuber! 🙂

  19. makeupbymel says:

    i died at "stinky little fucker"

  20. Haniya Tariq says:

    The best packing/traveling tips video i have ever seen!! And trust me i have seen alot..!!

  21. Omg, I know this was posted two years ago, but I am so thankful to have found this. I am certainly way more organised now and with this video even more so 😍 thank you so much

  22. You definitely need to get 1 million you really deserve it xx

  23. I think you're awesome. This is the first vid I've seen and I love it

  24. Layla Abdul says:

    when she was talking about her nasal spray I was wondering how she would use it without taking her nose ring off

  25. Every time I travel i re watch this video…. sooo helpful xxx

  26. Katie Iven says:

    does she have flowers in a jack daniels bottle? lol

  27. I love your eye mask 💞💞

  28. Rita Zouiten says:

    It's really great but where's her phone I am the only person who remarked?😂

  29. I live in Australia too
    I live in Sydney

  30. You pack the same as me!! I go on 3 airplanes in total 2 days traveling!!

  31. Hannah Rames says:

    Would mean a lot if you checked out my videos!!

  32. How do you get through security with all those liquids, gels and creams? I'm only half way through your video and I'm seeing at least 10 when the limit is 5…

  33. Zoe McDowell says:

    "Or the person next to me is on my period" 🤣

  34. What brand/ where are your black slip ons from??

  35. sapphy glam says:

    I watched this more than 10times 😘

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