Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips

I’m going to show you my in-flight beauty routine for a long haul flight. You’re going to survive it and look fabulous at the same time :) This is my mish-li…

25 thoughts on “Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips”

  1. I’ve been traveling for the past month…figured a Travel Friendly
    In-Flight Beauty tutorial makes sense 😉 Bon voyage!

  2. I don’t understand why she made this video I guarantee you not even half of
    her viewer get the opportunity to travel as often as she does or if they do
    they are not likely to remember about this video. 

  3. I need girl’s opinions and that’s why I’m here. Is taking a girl to some
    local mountains where I live, hiking around the lake, and having a picnic
    too much for a first date? I’ve known this girl for 5 months and she’s into
    me, if that makes any difference lol. I’d appreciate it.

  4. Can you create a very natural looking no makeuo look? Like the makeup
    Hailee Steinfield wore in the movie Romeo & Juliet.

  5. Your video looks great, +Michelle Phan! How did you create the plane like
    that? What editing program do you use?

  6. This video is perfect since I’m traveling to New York in nine days! It’s
    the first time I’m traveling outside Europe and I’m pretty excited!!

  7. yeah where have you been? you barely even make videos for us anymore.. i
    miss my role model. dont give up on us! don’t forget we’re the ones who got
    you to where you are now! I love you mish!

  8. mish, you are losing subs. i suggest you post a video, a good video, before
    your big numbers fall off a cliff. were all waiting, quite disappointed.

  9. Didn’t she do a similar video to this in the past? I am pretty sure its
    called Airplane Beauty Tips of something like that..Tell me if I am wrong
    but I am quite sure she did something like this (the video) but not on a
    real plane last time.

  10. I hate how she use her own produect in every video. I am not saying that
    she should not use them but there is some other god produects too and
    better then hers.

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