Travel Hacks : Tips and Tricks when Traveling ✈


Travel Tips

It’s December and Christmas is almost here! A lot of people like to travel on holidays while some go on trips to visit loved ones and friends in other state or …


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  2. Hi Guys, I found this really cool website with checklists for your next travel: so make sure your don't forget anything 🙂

  3. good tips, good video. But I have one tip to share too. Refrain from wearing shorts or skirts when you are flying. Airplane seats is actually a breeding ground for bacteria. It may look clean but it is not. Thank you for your time.

  4. Hyemi Jung says:

    Is the song 365 by Exo 😻

  5. Dawn Amber says:

    Did i Just Realize That She's BACKGROUND MUSIC Is Exo 3.6.5

  6. Angels World says:

    You're a life saver.Thank you

  7. Katrina1tube says:


    Taga Pilipinas ka pala😱😱😱😱

  8. L ! says:

    Wow very good, never see these tricks!

  9. Samha Shazil says:

    who else is watching before a month of traveelinng coz ur excited

  10. Omgg I recognize Exo 365 in the background 😻😻

  11. I love your accent I think ig is super cute and unique I love it

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  13. but can anyone tell me from where I would be able to get that box on 1:20 hurry i have to go to India after 5 days😱🙏🙇😭😟😖😱

  14. Mochii _23 says:

    Background music on point 😌

  15. Great video! I'm new to this channel…
    Would you mind checking out my travel related videos if you get a chance?
    I make new videos 2 times a week!
    I have 9 countries planned to visit within the next year 😁
    I'm also doing vlogmas!

  16. Busi Marouf says:

    Can u do a school trip hacks I searched for it everywhere but never find it and u can be the first to do about it 😅😍😍

  17. Cayla Jasmin says:

    iloveyou realasian beauty 😍

  18. Kitty King says:

    Great video! Thanks!! I hope you had fun!! 😊😊

  19. Good thing my friend told me to use Zensufu Compression socks for better leg blood circulation. Whenever I travel, my legs and feet hurts all the time because of the walking and standing activities.

  20. I really like your videos 😍❤️

  21. Ateee your soooo pretty pooo i wanna meet you pooooo # fan

  22. adele evans says:

    i love that i think your so nice xxx

  23. Hello says:

    are u from the philippines because i am

  24. Wendy A. says:

    Excellent! Thanks!


  26. Is the song from exo the k pop group 3.6.5??

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