Travel Packing Tips | How to Pack a Carry-On + Packing Checklist Download


Travel Tips

Download the FREE “Ultimate Packing Checklist’ PDF here: (email newsletter sign-up for download) Here are my best tips for packing your …


39 Replies to “Travel Packing Tips | How to Pack a Carry-On + Packing Checklist Download”

  1. Lavendaire says:

    Hi everyone! I've just uploaded the next video in this series: My Camera Gear for Travel Vlogging + Instagram Photos 👉

    Also, here's the link to download the FREE Packing Checklist that you can print out and use to plan your next trip!

    🏡 Lastly, get a FREE $40 credit on Airbnb for your next travel booking –

    Happy packing and traveling! 💕

  2. Nice video! very good tips

  3. Where can I get the pouches

  4. I am now getting ready for a really long period of time of traveling with my friends and family so yeah I need this

  5. When you were putting in plastic bags in your luggage there were 2 pairs of sunglasses, I think they will get crushed when they will get delivered back to you. So I think it's a good idea to put fragile items in the clothes where it's soft and safe. 🙂

  6. Definitely made the mistake of putting my dirty clothes immediately into plastic bags, definitely smelled worse than it should have, especially mixed with my damp swimsuit 😫 air dry before putting it away!

  7. Nina Shadi says:

    Are you using the Samsonite 20" Winfield hard case? How is it holding up? Do you like packing in two halves? I'm looking for a new suitcase, and love the look of hard cases but I've heard they don't hold up well and can be difficult to pay a lot in. Thoughts?

  8. Great video! I used your list as a starting point for my packing project! We are starting our year away in Barcelona in September!

  9. maryr94 says:

    I always want to know how to pack for the journey home from a trip. Everything fits in neatly on the way over but it's all messy when it's in a laundry bag and doesn't seem to fit as easily for me.

  10. frenchy6684 says:

    what is the weight of your carry on as a lot of airlines give you a weight limit for both the carry on and handbag of 22lbs

  11. Izatu Life says:

    Your videos are awesome. I'm new to YouTube

  12. Vee Luna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips!!!! Packing skills on fleet 🙂

  13. Sarah Bannon says:

    I'm the same with pouches when I travel, I have a pouch for everything! Do you ever use packing cubes for clothes, I'm thinking of trying these next time I travel.

  14. C Vosss says:

    You better dont drink water on the plane its not very clean

  15. Luhf Kdbd says:

    But it is not safe to ceap your number or address

  16. Me as Mel says:

    the old pound is only valid until October so check your money!!

  17. BeeeHonest says:

    My Goodness, I have been traveling so long, I never thought of vertical packing! Brilliant! Thank you!

  18. Nice Tips… thanks for sharing

  19. iioliviaii says:

    here is a tip!: if your luggage is too heavy, take out the heavy things and just wear them!

  20. gracie d says:

    Hey There! I really love your video! It was super helpful. Keep it up! :)))

  21. Mees Lopez says:

    Best packing video and tips.

  22. Sadie Boyd says:

    this video was very helpful. thank you.

  23. You're so organized. Great video, Thanks! 🙃

  24. Vivien says:

    Thanks for this! Pouches changed my life!
    Also your hair is beautiful

  25. Best carry on packing video I've seen.

  26. Can do a video of how you pack your backpack??

  27. Lyka says:

    can i put a flat iron in carry on?

  28. Puppy Love says:

    Ug I already know most of that stuff

  29. Bulbul Chan says:

    finally a serious youtuber talking about traveling and packing tips, i seriously needed this. all other videos i have watched were really tiring. they kept talking nonsense and pretending to be cute and funny etc. thank you, really.

    thanks again for that pdf. you are awesome!

  30. Maddy Moceri says:

    Where is you name tag from?? I love it so much and I was recently trying to find one but I couldn't find any I liked haha

  31. Maddy Moceri says:

    I'm going to Orlando and palm coast in 15 days and I'm really glad that in my hotel room we have our own washer and dryer lol

  32. kmichaelle says:

    I actually like to pack my heaviest things and wear leggings/ flip flops so I know that on the way back I have more room for stuff that I get on the trip 🙂

  33. You and I could be packing twins, because we do SO many similar things for packing. One other tip I can offer, if you do check a bag, is to include a change of clothes (including underwear) in your carry-on bag "just in case" your checked bag goes astray and it takes a little while for it to catch up to you.

  34. Esraa Aamir says:

    I really loved all it tips and I am looking forward to ise ten thxnfor all it tips

  35. Elarie Yahya says:

    I'm packing for almost 1 month. First time to have vacation to Philippines after moving here in KSA.

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