Travel Tips: Best Travel Apps


Travel Tips

Sonia Gil tells you about her top six types of apps for travelers (five plus a bonus) that will help you take control of your trip. See new travel adventures w/Sonia every Thursday:…


31 Replies to “Travel Tips: Best Travel Apps”

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  2. Maps Me is 2 in 1 apps. You download the map you want and you can search for places with wifi and a lot more things 😀 I don't know if it existed in 2012, though.

  3. Erika Cruz says:

    can we have a video on languages???

  4. what should i use for currency converter

  5. HeHoZy says:

    Ulmon city maps costs close to nothing, has a search engine, shows ratings and pictures of restaurants, hotels and attractions. It has hundreds of cities worldwide downloadable so that everything works offline. Check it out!

  6. raffa ojeda says:

    better translation; damage, harm, destroy instead of abuse the road sign in spanish hehe

  7. Wyd Alhilli says:

    why does she not do videos any more

  8. James Sack says:

    T-Mobile has a plan that includes unlimited data in Europe. That means the phone becomes a GPS and you don't have to worry about finding a hot spot. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has abysmal coverage in the US, but in Europe it is excellent.

  9. Use trip advisor tells you everything so awsome like if you download

  10. Hi Sonia, I was wondering if you know any good map apps that are sold in the amazon appstore because I got a free $10 credit fir apps&games

  11. When is the best time to travel to France, Paris and Barcelona Sapin?

  12. Paul Davis says:

    Reality is we’re a mobile generation, and no one can live without a smartphone nowadays. Much more when you’re traveling to a new place, right? Props to this video!

  13. very good tips, thanks a lot

  14. Me gustaria información de los paquetes de Disney en español gracias !!!!!

  15. Tully21 says:

    World Lens is the app that translated the signs.

  16. Cynnttiia says:

    Saludos desde México..!!

  17. Jesus Barrio says:

    best: tripadvisor. It has ranking of places for visiting, restaurants, hotels, maps.. and you can dowload it offline!

  18. David Baruc says:

    you forgot the most important app, which is Tripit – Guys I travel and would not be able to have so many legs in a single trip without having all my hotels / flights / car reservations in my trip it. 
    Best app for traveler

  19. Amy Love says:

    Hello. Could you please tell me the aps you are using now? Thanks so much.

  20. litohmoo says:

    app i love is Triposo! it has everything! 

  21. u can find restaurants on google maps or google earth but the problem is that they need wifi

  22. i really like your videos, they are very informative, Thank you.

  23. Kyomi Blanco says:

    Maybe urban spon, it is goog one for food

  24. /../ Technology ~(._.)~ Technology .. Technology Day ._./

  25. I have all these, I feel like I got an A on a travel pop quiz of sorts lol. 

  26. Jack Heyssel says:

    these are so helpful! travelling to the netherlands, belgium and denmark next sunday and I'm taking all of your tips along with me (used them when I went to Austria in December!)

  27. How did you get the signs translated. I travel every year to places that have Cyrillic alphabets and I also go the Georgia (the country) and Armenia often. So when i see signs like this გზა ერთი გზა I have no idea. Any tips? 

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