Travel Tips For Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): How to Avoid Getting Robbed | Làm Sao Để Không Bị Cướp


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18 Replies to “Travel Tips For Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): How to Avoid Getting Robbed | Làm Sao Để Không Bị Cướp”

  1. Mehitabel says:

    All just common sense, which applies to anywhere in the world. But always good to be reminded. Thanks.

  2. jazaher hav says:

    find a local girl for you and you will be safety.

  3. It's going to be annoying when you want to take a picture or video some sights

  4. Raffi Spitza says:

    I didnt have problem with thieves in Go Vap when I was there hahaha

  5. Wayne Samuel says:

    Here's a tip: if someone wants to remove your shoe to shine it do not let him. Two men came up to me in Saigon offering me a shoe shine but I said I did not need one. They persisted so I felt sorry for them. Then he was trying to remove my shoe. I see the shoeshine man in New York shine shoes with people sitting in a chair and he shines it without removing the shoes. Then when I asked him how much he said 450,000 dongs. I told him that is too much. I gave him about half that amount which is still good. So best to avoid such people. Also when be careful of people approaching you as you come out or enter your hotel. As soon as the taxi dropped me off from the airport to my hotel I was approached by a young man and young woman who want to talk to me. I said we can talk another time. I have to check into my hotel. Another time coming out my hotel two people approached me I told them I don't need to pay anything but I gave them a small donation even though they never asked me for one. I don't think it's a good idea approaching guests outside their hotel.

  6. What if I'm the thug part, of thug life ?

  7. I'm afraid to go to Vietnam now….

  8. purple ninja says:

    is it normal fr these thieves to point a knife at you and force u for money? im gg in december fr my first solo trip n this is the only thing im worried abt 🙁

  9. I like your style and informative

  10. i'm leaving for vietnam in a few days, thank you so much for the tips!

  11. WOW! after seeing your video I have to conclude that Saigon is 10X worse than Manila, Philippines.

  12. Emjay says:

    Make me panic now, Im going to Saigon soon……………………………..

  13. ROG FED says:

    If that is in the CBD what is the case if I want to enjoy the suburbs, should I go or not worth the risk?

  14. K Possible says:

    they cut my longchamp open at the night Market in hanoi- Luckily i Noticed in time- really dangerous although i'm VN

  15. Meg Taylor says:

    Is using you're phone really that much of a big deal?! I'm travelling to Hanoi then Ho Chi Min over my 21st birthday in December and can you not take photos ect because of the worry of getting robbed or is it a little bit less extreme than that? Should we buy a throw away cameras to take with us for inside the city?

  16. Hans Hafalla says:

    same here in manila — they use the same tac tics. 🙁 sad to say

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