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How expensive is the Philippines? In this video I break down the costs of travelling from accommodation prices to food and even transportation. Hope this helps you out on your next backpacking…



  1. Possible to find weed in the philippines?

  2. You are cool. Because you sound like a traveler, and look like one too, (that latter may not sound so flattering, but you are cool). Some of vloggers are just annoying, so clinical or really no personality. Yes, Philippines is more expensive than Thailand or Cambodia… Philippines can get very DELUSIONAL about their stops. Sure its beautiful. But they forgot the world is big and some travelers have been to so many places or will still need to visit other places. The TRIKES, well they RIP off the Locals more than they rip off the white people. Sometimes because the tourist dont trust them, they just think they are being to unreasonable with the price. But if you know that it is CULTURAL, the ripping off, meaning you are not being ripped off because you are white. yOU are being ripped because it is NIGHT time… drivers charge more at night time, and they give the same argument to local people. The Philippines has a lot to learn about the tourism market… getting rid of the TOUTS would really be a blessing.

  3. Petrov Gigel says:

    Why do you spend your money in a country that does not respect human rights ?

  4. I was looking for the marry button 😀

  5. BaduizTwo says:

    Ha ha ha you got scam by the trike. 400 pesos ha ha ha. Your youtube name ia hilarious

  6. kenny lo you says:

    Taping artiste coréenne enfer on youtube, only Jésus-Christ save

  7. Lane Weeks says:

    Budget,Budget, Budget

  8. William Akiu says:

    She's mentally retarded

  9. Marian Herlt says:

    The phillipines is cheap because it's a shit hole of a country. Plus somehow, their retarded president thinks killing drug users will solve the "Countries" "island" "piece of shit land" problems. The sewer system spills onto the street. The plumbing in all the buildings including government, night clubs, restaurants, etc, is all out of order. There are no driving signs, rules, and people drive like asians. Taking the buses will bequest you with the odor of the real phillipinies. It's a mixture of b/o, fear, low IQ, and bisexualism. Out of all the countries I've been to, the Philippines and Thailand are infested with chicks with dicks, trannys, transexuals. It's like they make drug use a capital crime, but turn a blind eye on tranny prostitutes. Must be the Presidents mandate. Villagers claim the "high class" or "filopinos earning more than 20k a year" enjoy orgys with transexuals. And it's basically a bunch of dudes having sex with each other. All this I learned by talking to the people that live there. I had to check or"verify" that the girls I interviewed were really women. I only interviewed women, because men gave off a weird gay vibe. I have a state of the art Gaydar, so it went off once I stepped off the plane, greeted by a male stewardess.

  10. Jeddan Sabal says:

    living in puerto princesa, it's so sad to admit that she's right. many tricycle drivers would rip off tourist through overpricing rates. While 10php-50php is the average price, there are lots of drivers who would say and demand 100php.

  11. mole 4 says:

    for transportations , now you can go for uber or grab , a lot more helpful ,..

  12. shah tube says:

    After the reading many comments I prefer to visit Philippines instead of Thailand thanks for such a informative video

  13. Sofia Nañoz says:

    Come to Philippines theres is so much food in here and sometimes not every people are nice but when there is a person that is from another country they will be nice to you. I know all this bcuz im a Filipino

  14. Even this country is poor, don't underestimated this nation. 😯

  15. What is your favourite destination?

  16. JPUK5bbd says:

    One thing I could advise people going to the Philippines when travelling locally on Trike is to download the Grab app as a pose to flagging one down. I'm half Filipino and half British white. I speak the language but because I'm not from there, some still tried to rip me off. Grab is like Uber and it's very widely used out there. Taxi's and Trike's are available on the app. Both sides will know the exact price to and from your chosen destinations. Grab saves a lot of time and hassle and it's a simple and quick process in signing up.

  17. Mark ledesma says:

    i live in negros, our beaches are not as nice as boracay but are way cheaper for accommodations and food, the ceres bus takes u around the island, from bacolod u can go to san carlos, get a pension house, the boat ride by the wharf to sipaway island is 15 pesos, bathing in a river or waterfalls is awesome, try pandanon, mambucal or buenos aires, heard the beaches in sipalay are nice

  18. I live in phillipines mabuhay pilipinas means shine phillipines

  19. Hi PsychoTraveller. I found this fucking creepy review from an Australian about a resort called Baybayon Ni Agalon. It sounds like a horror novel lol. Sorry if it's so long like this. The person (Jess) really wrote this ( at least read the first 3-4 paragraphs. I find that insane!! It reminds me the movie Psycho from Alfred Hitchcock):

    1 star on 5:
    Do not go here

    My family and I (about 9 of us all together) visited the Resort in July 2014.


    The rooms and service actually seemed quite nice. 'Seemed'. Being the keyword here. I will jump straight into the problem, and then tick off the lesser problems as I go.

    The first night that we spent there(my partner and I were sharing a room on the ground floor), I was using the shower(About 9pm) after a long day in the Village. I hop out of the shower and look up to see SOMEONE LOOKING INTO MY ROOM. There was no frosted glass. No curtains. Just someone full on staring at me. I had probably been standing for about 30 seconds before I looked up. Of course they promptly ran away.

    So we notify front desk of the situation. There was a guy at the desk(we spoke to him in Filipino). What does he do? NOTHING. No apologies, nothing to say that he is going to do anything about it. Does not even offer to go look around there. In all honesty – I believe it was him. As the Public do not have any access(apparently) to the Resort.


    We end up going around to see how they could possibly look into the room… You have to go through a utility room to get out the back. This door was wide open and unlocked, as well as the other door to this area was also unlocked and open. Suspicious. There is a chair pushed up against the wall to our room, so that they could look in.

    What. The. Hell.

    So I write them a letter(good use that will do) and lodge it with the front desk. I ask to speak to the manager the next day.

    The next day. I am advised that the Manager is out and will not be at the hotel until about 2pm. That's fine. I rock up at 2pm – still no manager. She went home and wont be back 'til after the weekend.

    What kind of establishment are these people running?

    On the Monday, I again ask to see the manager. (It has been about 3 days since the incident and I have yet to receive an apology, or in fact a discount. I had been moved to a different room the next day though.) I'm told that there is actually no manager but they have a 'supervisor'. This Supervisor never contacted me the whole time I was at the resort, infact, blatantly ignored my every attempt to contact her. And when I did manager to catch her(I caught her walking around one time). I asked her what they're going to do about my situation, she just let me know that they're 'Looking into it' and my letter has been sent on.

    So the staff at this Resort take absolutely no responsibility for anything untoward that may happen to it's guests. They do not offer any sort of apology, and in fact, they do not want to speak to you at all.

    Could not believe what was going on here. I know that I can't compare it to our service standards in Australia, but I at least expected something from a place that was frankly OVER PRICED.

    Now, to the other problems.

    Pool: The pool is lined with ornamental rocks which are SHARP. One of our family members slipped over on them, because stepping on them was painful, and ended up with a large gash on his arm. We received no medical assistance from the staff even though there was blood everywhere.

    Restaurant: Sub-par food. Even though they are aware that people are staying for the week(Westerners). There was no toast, no burgers, no breakfast food, no mangoes, no pineapples and they only had some drinks on the menu available. The food that we did get was disgusting, oily, tasteless. The glasses that we received were still dirty and smelt like ocean water. Hanging out in the Albuera Village and getting food from the markets is a much better option.

    Rooms: Absolutely no pressure in the showers. We would sitting on the edge of the bath tab with the faucet dripping over us to try and get clean. Sometimes the rooms were not even made up for the day. So we ended up running out of toilet paper pretty quick. ALSO. I picked up a piece of soup from the sink and the so called 'marble blocks' that surrounded the water spout fell apart!!

    Service: There are SO many staff working here, it's unbelievable that you can't even get good service. (No less that 5 people to make up your rooms) When we ordered drinks from the bar (Ice tea, coke, water etc) It took around 20 minutes to get anything. We repeatedly observed staff just standing around on their phones, laughing, talking and generally not moving for the whole day. Do not bother trying to negotiate on the price if there is a problem.

    That is about it. The problems I faced on the first Day basically ruined the rest of the stay. Unfortunately we could not stay in our Families houses as there was so many of us, but sleeping on the floor, surrounded by mosquitoes and no Air conditioning would have been much more preferable to this place.

    My advice is to go to Sabin Resort.


  20. Yay! Thanks for coming to my country the phillipines!

  21. You could have flown from Cebu to Manila for less than the boat trip with Cebu Pacific….1 hr flight

  22. Lol Americans can stay as long as they want

  23. Zek Gaming says:

    4$ = 200Pesos PH os cheap

  24. Alana Delia says:

    if you are traveling with local (filipino) you usually pay filipino price. when I traveled on your own I got tricked a few times for taxis and tricycles

  25. Tricycles range only about 12 pesos in my barangay what the heck? They don't usually go around 100 pesos too. 100 pesos is not even that expensive.

  26. Have fun in Philippines! MEET ME THERE PLS!


  27. chrispy mane says:

    We're pretty cheap so if you want less price you have it when buy in ours

  28. I live in the philipines im a filipino

  29. How much in the phillpines this money $500

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