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Today I’m sharing with you – my top travel tips on how to pack like a pro. No more over packing, it’s time to get organized and travel light. Here are my favorite 11 …


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  1. This is amazing and so helpful! I need those cube bags, thank you so much!

  2. Gutic127 says:

    Did you have to check that bag or were you able to use it as a carryon?

  3. Maria Gil says:

    What brand of packing cubes are u using? Thanks. Nice video.

  4. Question to Ann Le from a guy in Sweden.How about your liquids? You had liquids in several different bags… Tell us about that please…. Do you take them all out at the customs or don't you bother?

  5. The problem I generally have isn't how to fit everything in my bag – it's the weight, even though I don't have a hard case bag, and no matter how much I remove from my packing list (to the extent of removing necessary items) I'm always close to the weight limit before leaving on my holiday. Would you be able to tell me approximately how much your bag weighed at the end of the video?

  6. Love that swim suit Ann! Where did you get it?

  7. Zaina Haddad says:

    Can you please tell me what luggage you are using? Link doesn't work

  8. Lily Corcio says:

    where are you sunglasses with the gold arrow on the blue case from? they are so cute and i will definitely be using you travel tips thank you!

  9. jasminchelle says:

    Very organised😍✈️

  10. kasiBERRY says:

    I wish I could pack light but I'm going on a month or longer trip. What a dilemma! I have no problem with a week trip packing. When it comes to longer trip, I feel like I have to pack more. ☹️

  11. gri03 says:

    I freaking love this video. Thisis the BEST luggage packing one that I ever seen. Thank youuuu

  12. BeingBeverly says:

    Love the suitcase bags! I returned from a 2 week vacay on a luxury resort followed by a cruise. By the time of the cruise, I left most of my stuff in the suitcase and wished I had sections to keep it tidy. I discovered my jewellery could of been just earrings and bracelets and I could of lived on one gorgeous bright lipstick! Add a good eye pencil, a pair of great eyelashes, good skin products and the Caribbean awaits!

  13. I will definitely use the advice from this video I'm headed to Ireland next month, and when I went last year nothing was organized and I was stressed out about it. My clothes would just be throw about on the top of my suitcase while traveling. Now I can have everything organized! Thanks so much for this video.

  14. mable chen says:

    Can you do a packing suitcase with room souvenirs or a packing on your way back home?

  15. This helped me out so much!! I'm traveling in a few days and this came just in time, thank you!!

  16. Mya says:

    that was not packing lightly at all 😂 good packing though👍

  17. Jake says:

    she packed a bra pad lol

  18. One can safe much more space, when not using so many bags. They use up extra space and prevent using the holes. Then one can better can stuff for example the socks inside the shoes or roll the toothpaste inside a towel or washcloth or underwear…

  19. what size is your luggage? the link to it on amazon is broken 🙁

  20. I really needed this lmao what you packed would last me five days :'D

  21. This is the first packing video I've seen that covered everything I actually pack (except tech and books). I'm buying everything you recommended. Thankssss!

  22. I would love to order the packing cubes but they don't ship to Germany. This looks so neat….I love it! 🙂

  23. Bobby Belle says:

    Can you leave the items packed for 12 hours and then do an unpacking video? Would like to see what kind of wrinkling to expect – of course this would depend on material of clothing -Thanks!

  24. Kun Wang says:

    Woo I love your methods so much! Thang you, pretty sister.🍡

  25. Loved your video. ❤️ where are your sunglasses from, the rosy pink ones. Please let me know

  26. Tattoo Nomad says:

    Super cool! Thank you for this 🙂

  27. anitabiba6 says:

    honey u packing too much…u can get rid of half this crap and still not be packing light…also a lot of cheap things u dont need to pack, just buy them once u arrive in a convinience store, leave them at the hotel when u go back home…

  28. Indu Garg says:

    Will folding like this will keep the ironing intact?

  29. SAHG says:

    Wow it's so organized good job 😍👏🏻👏🏻

  30. FlamyV says:

    All is fine until you take a month long vacation. Then I find myself dragging the whole closet with me lol!

  31. Lillie Dykes says:

    Me: sees this vid Oh I'll try this!

    Me: Finds all bags and everything.

    Me: I'll rest for a couple minutes

    Me:sleeps through night

    me:*in morning* OH SHOOT*throws everything in bag and doesn't shut it all the way*

    (true story)

  32. I'm going to montreal canada

  33. Such cute clothes! I love your videos

  34. Shell Kit says:

    Nice thanks for your tips . Shelly xoxo

  35. Nice, Very helpful Video 😉

  36. I am literally packing right now and this vid is helping me so much. I love this vid and I know that my suitcase will be good and not overweight

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