Travel Tips & Packing a Carry On!

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25 thoughts on “Travel Tips & Packing a Carry On!”

  1. You should read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s a dystopian book
    about a woman and her friends who were all bred to donate their organs. She
    talks about her childhood and as she gets older she starts to see everyone
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  2. I’m going on a month long trip to china in the summer! How do you think I
    should pack? & do the tsa rules apply in canada as well or can we pack
    whatever amount of liquid we want?
    Last question! If i pack my laptop in my carry on does it count as a
    personal item or can I take another bag with me?

  3. I love your videos because your real, some youtubers i’ve watched just dont
    seem like themselves, but you havent changed at all and i really love you!!

  4. I’m leaving in a few days, and I’ve never flown with make up, so this
    problem never cam up, but does mascara and thick cream conceler count as

  5. Can you please do a road trip essentials because I’m going on a road trip
    and don’t know how to stay entertained (it’s 4:30 hours)

  6. Travel with only 1 bag I’ve done it (trust me it’s not that hard and I’m a
    girl/woman/lady/etc…) my bag is a 15 inch back pack the regular school
    book bag kind not the camping/sports kind.

  7. Ohh okay so when I was little we travel back and I had a ball but there was
    water inside to float the fishys. It was a toy and they said I couodt take
    it I was sad I just didt. Say anything

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