Travel Tips: TSA Packing Tips


Travel Tips

Sonia Gil talks suitcase sizes, luggage scales, plastic containers and more! Don’t get stuck at the security checkpoint because your bag is overflowing with …


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  1. Nice bottles, got mine at roadeavour!

  2. Angel Duque says:

    Sonia, really enjoying your videos since I love to travel, I wish I could do it more… bu the way… sort of a special question… I suppose you have latinamerican background cause I heard you speaking briefly in spanish in one of your vids, if you have from which country is it ??? just curious, apologize if it is too personal of a question… keep on with the cool videos…

  3. give me an idea of a good suitcase brand pls.

  4. Faizah Uddin says:

    When one luggage is over weight than the other…I don't understand y they hafta open there luggage when it's gonna weight the same on the plane

  5. Rami7605 says:

    was your dog real??

  6. can i bring food on my carry on bag ?

  7. "26 Inches, this is my preferred size"

  8. Heinrich says:

    are you allowed to bring shampoo cream rinse and toothpaste through TSA or should it be in the check-in bag? or not at all? what about bringing the food like cookies and crackers should I leave them in the checked bag or do they have to be in the carry-on bag, I'm so confused I haven't flown anywhere since the mid-nineties.

  9. John Doe says:

    Will u send me a pair of ur used panties? well used, please…

  10. i have a very important question! 🙂 ill be travelling to north carolina (alone for the first time) to attend a FORMAL EVENT. ill be there for a week… how should i pack for the event, with my heels and formal gown?? help Sonia! 🙂

  11. Kay Hopkins says:

    How often do you check a bag when flying???

  12. can you give a video on JUST EAGLE CREEK PACKING CUBES

  13. OMG that dog is sooooooo cutie.

  14. Wow you should practice your french! I barely understood and i'm french.

  15. TSA: Ain't nobody got time for that!

    My tips:
    * Light Carry-On
    * Wear sweatpants, Shoes that can easily be slipped on & off, if you're cold, bring a hooded sweatshirt w/ zipper.
    * get light-weight computers & tablets (Macbook Air, iPads Mini, 2, & Air, & Surface Pro, etc), make sure they have a good charge.
    * Go light on jewelery, Minimum: Watch (either solar or self-wind), small necklace, and/or wedding ring if married.

  16. Riley Hopper says:

    My suitcase is bigger and it's only 4.6 pounds

  17. Anel Avdic says:

    Thx sooo much I needed to go to bosnia and this was a life saver

  18. OMG lol so cute ultra small

  19. You really don't have to be so rude

  20. Zhonguoria says:

    If you're traveling outside USA, and you are an Imperial Idiot, you're in luck!

    Just remember these ROUGH benchmarks:
    10 centimeters = 4 inches (so scale up: 30 centimeters = 12 inches or one foot)
    But for distance, forget about the foot, think yards instead.
    because…. One meter = one yard.
    One Kilo-METER = 1/2 mile + 10%
    One Kilo-GRAM = 2 pounds + 10%
    (Don't get the two mixed up)

  21. What's your neck pillow? Do you have a link to it so I can buy it?

  22. Janine Rea says:

    Can u do a toiletry tip bag

  23. How to pack a camera is what I need

  24. This could put a stampeding adult rhino down at 200 yards.

    Think I'll drink a bottle of whatever I can find under my kitchen sink next time I need help nodding off….

    (My fault – my problem I know)

  25. do you have an instagram???

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