Travel Tips: Where to Travel?


Travel Tips

The world’s a big place – where should you travel? We break the world down continent by continent and give you the pros and cons of each one. Where is your #1 travel destination? Let us…


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  2. My best friend and I want to do a world trip in a few years but we cannot decide where to go/ where to start. We live in NZ. Any suggestions or tips?

  3. ItsYah Boi says:

    These nibbas said every place on earth

  4. Gise Meza says:

    marko look different 😂😈

  5. J. H. says:

    What's up with the mascara?

  6. Why don't you take a year of trip across India and have an experience for a lifetime on travel.. And do let me once you're here cuz India will welcome you with open arms always 🤗

  7. Hiroaki Tani says:

    what about Central America?

  8. when are you coming to India ?

  9. Marco Romeo says:

    Come to Philippines

  10. This is great so to the point

  11. Nadya Lopez says:


  12. greetings from Suriname ! come to Suriname we have amazing waterfalls and mountains.

  13. where are they from?

  14. Why u do not come to india

  15. Our school offered art classes in India and Turkey that I had to pick between. I went with India and it was amazing!!! I think either would have ended up being the "right" decision, quite honestly. You really can't go wrong. I piked India because we knew lots of people from India and I loved the colors. Also they alternate every other year and it is what made sense. Good luck with your decision…

  16. well im 16 yrs old I ddn't know what course should i take in college to travel the world but ur video really helps me thank u vegabrothers and i'm subscribing ur channel and wish u can visit Philippines

  17. Red Liberty says:

    Yasss kiwis represent!!!!!

  18. Vic says:

    mexico is part of the north american continent

  19. adam kebby says:

    Hey vagabros I've just stumbled across your page and I'm totally blown away by how much you have accomplished!! I live in the uk and would love to go traveling, my only worry is my dog. Could I take my dog? Did you meet anyone traveling with there dog? Any information would be much appreciated.

  20. What are the best places to visit in the winter? Also, what are some "off the beaten path" places to visit

  21. Adele Acosta says:

    Older energetic solo female traveler where do I start? Appreciate your help in making a plan

  22. have you ever travelled in india and nepal? If so would you recommend it?

  23. This inspired me to make a trip with my school. I've organized a school trip to Ireland, Austria and Germany for 2 weeks in July of 2016. If you or any fans happen to see this, help make our journey a reality at . Once again, thank you so much for this video. Very well done!

  24. Should talk about places great for sex and nude beaches for alllover tan

  25. Travel Land says:

    somehow you forget to mntion Israel

  26. Im glad you mentioned the middle east

  27. Actually man came from the Middle East.

  28. the only thing Australia is close to is Asia 🙁 But while that can suck in some ways, Asia is in my opinion the easiest, cheapest place to travel around and I feel pretty lucky to live so close 🙂

  29. I'm stoked to be traveling the US for a while!!! There are some amazing spots here and the US really does have some interesting diversity but getting from place to place is not nearly as easy or cheap as it is in other countries…But I took some Indian friends on a road trip to see my grandmas house and the town I grew up in (Lead South Dakota, I actually have a couple videos about Lead) and my Indian friends said her house reminded them of a South Indian village and the town felt European…Lead is this little gold mining town in the middle of the Black Hills and it's not far from Mt. Rushmore, The Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally, Art Alley, Wall Drug, The Badlands, and some of the best driving highways out there…but no one really goes there because it's far from a lot of other more famous places…

  30. Daniel M says:

    wait, asia's only con is the language barrier? cool!

  31. "Asia: Freaky foods"… you know just tourists eat this shit, right? I lived in China for two years and none of my friends ever ate this kind of food (I just saw it once in a touristic place), and I travelled to SEA as well and the same thing.

  32. Clare Louise says:

    Turkey is both Europe and Asia, not the middle east x

  33. Links for Australia and NZ work visas are dead. 🙁

  34. Love this series! You guys are great!!!Thanks guys. Check it my vids and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  35. Amy Nana says:

    just bumped into this video and i just Love it! Will definetly check out all the others! new subbie ^^

  36. VictJay Fins says:

    Tips on travelling alone? Maybe make a video bout it?

  37. Annie Wongsa says:

    sure you know where you go but I'm want someone go with me but now I'm alone.

  38. Annie Wongsa says:

    sure you know where you go but I'm want someone go with me but now I'm alone.

  39. CSquared says:

    Great video fellas. Thanks.

  40. Promoting my country 😛 Come to New Zealand! Its so beautiful 🙂

  41. TheShaleco says:

    My school has a subsidized study abroad program so I am debating between Japan, New Zealand and Iceland… They all seem so cool but I am not sure what to pick

  42. b-dog t-dog says:

    I'm goon to Africa this December holidays yay

  43. basicphil says:

    you've got a new subscriber. Im from Calgary and I know that you guys are in Calgary at the moment, hope youre enjoying it!

  44. Honey Moon says:

    I can recommend Ecuador 👌🏼 it's such a beautiful country and you can see so many things in this little country

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