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Extensive New Zealand travel guide, recommendations, and tips, especially for backpackers and budget travelers. I am an American who has traveled around most of the country and have been living…



  1. Ted Tedster says:

    This Sheilas voice would get on your wick very quickly….as long as she doesn't make too much noise during sex…no worries.

  2. Mikee L says:

    Your videos are so helpful and I'm so thankful for all of your tips. I'll be traveling solo for the first time to New Zealand in 4 days. So nervous getting there, but I am so excited for the adventure ahead. Subscribed! 😁❤️

  3. Thank you for the helpful information! Helped me for my planning, the reversed seasons absolutely blew my mind! Never thought of that, thank you for pointing that out :]

  4. za8der says:

    I'm planning to go to NZ next year with my family. This is really useful info. Thanks Mari 😉 you earned my sub

  5. imovies NL says:

    your teeth are perfect

  6. Gini Letham says:

    I've been watching all of your Vietnam videos cause I am off there in a month (wooh!), so it is interesting to watch a video on you talking about where I am from. I also didn't know that Eftpos wasn't a thing elsewhere :O The more you know. Really enjoying watching your videos, super helpful for a first time traveller. 😀

  7. otterface says:

    Great to see this as I am having trouble with the transportation and am leaving in few days lol
    Just a question, you mentioned InterCity and NakedBus did you get the Travel Pass/Flexi Pass or just the regular pass you get when taking bus?

  8. SadaEKE says:

    OMG them eyes!!! You are gorgeous.

  9. marie ta says:

    We did a road trip trough New Zealand for about 12 days and we got to see both islands, some days we even visited three places so we had to get up early but it was really worth it!

  10. I really like your content 🙂 Keep it up!:)

  11. iToss Saladz says:

    this persons voice is really annoying to listen to.

  12. Cayce Anne says:

    Thanks for this video, I'm going to New Zealand next month and i found it very helpful 🙂

  13. Flyerstone says:

    That's a helpful tips. Hopefully we could get there one day.

  14. Alina G. says:

    Mari, I am so happy to ran across your video, this is SO helpful. We are planning our trip to NZ and this is by far the most valuable info so far. Thank you!!

  15. Wow, awesome tips! So thorough! Just another tip, if you are travelling in New Zealand's summer season: December to February, it's best to book your accommodation in advance where ever you go – not just Queenstown. New Zealand goes a little bit nuts in summer. With that, we'd definitely recommend travelling in the shoulder seasons in New Zealand for all-round better deals and ease of spontaneous travel 😉

  16. That was the best video I've seen of our country. Good info Mari.

  17. Your ultimate travel tips will really help tourists or travellers planning to visit and explore New Zealand. We love New Zealand! Great video. Keep it up Mari. 🙂

  18. jackrubycrew says:

    Another really good video. Thanks for making cool content on my home!

  19. Alan Ko says:

    What do you recommend for a 1 day wow factor in Auckland that says…"wow this is cool Auckland/NZ. Not looking for sky/bungee jump or any adrenaline rush. I'm from NYC and will be staying a few days at Tatahi and Ulster to visit the Shire, Narnia and see beautiful rock formations on the beach.  Any nice small villages/town similar to old european villages/town with restaurants, cafes, local shops?  Appreciate any advice.

  20. Jason says:

    Great informative video I must say. Thanks for the tips and I am super excited to visit NZ. I like the phrase "Be the tidy kiwi" hahaha

  21. orthaNZ says:

    Great Video! also loved the Maori pronounciation video!

  22. Hi Mari, I and my daughter age 8 will be traveling to NZ in December for 10 days.  I was watching a few of your videos and I was wondering which airpot to fly in that is closest to Rotorua (Glowworm), Hobbits and Ewoks, and Thermal?  Are these places close to one another? Are there other things for families to do? Best hotel or Bnb near this places close to restaurants? etc.. how is the weather during this timeframe? I know its a lot but preparing early.

  23. Lunarvrr says:

    Can't wait for my second NZ trip. It is absolutely amazing!

  24. Kia ora Mari,
    Well done! you covered almost everything about New Zealand. I wonder if you would like to write a guest blog on my website to share your New Zealand experience. Please check out http://www.immigrationlawadvice.co.nz/blog/

  25. frogz says:

    You should be working for the NZ Tourism Board – well done roundup 🙂

  26. Awesome tips! I'm still in Auckland but heading south soon! 🙂

  27. Hi Mari 🙂 I'm moving to Christchurch very soon and have been watching a lot of youtube videos to get some advice and tips..I came across your channel and have been binge watching your videos.. Love them! Thankyou for all the info 🙂 xx

  28. MzPinayx3 says:

    When I first got here I was at a restaurant and by the end of the meal I just looked around like wait.. how do I pay? lol thanks for the helpful tips!

  29. thanks for the info sweetheart!!

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    [tourism jepara]

  31. If  I  was  coming to New Zealand   I  would  bring my debit card  and  get cash out of the atm  like you said  lot's of places take cards but when your in a different  country  you want to use there cash.

    I  have questions  about gas.  so  let's  say  somebody  needs to fill up there tank with gas  do gas stations  have there own charge card like they do in the Us  example  for the Us would be ,  Shell, Sunoco, Gulf, Citgo, Bp , Exxon/Mobil  does  New Zealand  have any gas station charge cards?

  32. I'm excited! I'm going to New Zealand this November! <3

  33. Wow, you packed a lot of useful info into that! Thanks so much!

  34. So  New Zealand  is  ahead of us.  if  your coming from the Us  would you recemond  us  having  a  pin in our credit not debit but credit card?

    there must be some places  that are cash only?   so  paying  at a restaurant sounds like paying at a diner.

    do they have cricket  and Soccer  what time of year  and how many games do they play per season and whats the playoff format like?

  35. Matt Kaiser says:

    Thanks for making that video! We will be there in Nov and Dec..

  36. Mari, you are so helpful. Thank you for your vlogs! Luv them. I'm from Chicago…and looking forward to my experience in NZ!😊

  37. I'll be traveling to New Zealand on August and do you know if it gets busy in Queenstown around that month?

  38. SNYPERWULF says:

    Good video Mari, how long are you going to stay in NZ for? and are you planning on a North Island visit this time around?

  39. Thanks for all the tips! New Zealand is on our list!

  40. "Be a tidy Kiwi", that is so cute lol. We really enjoyed this video! It would be really cool if you made these for every country you visit 🙂

  41. Leonard says:

    What are you going to do when your visa expires?

  42. JesseVlogs says:

    Super thorough video! Definitely sharing this video with my three nieces to inspire them to get out there and explore the world ! 🙂

  43. Paleologic says:

    great tips, thanks!

  44. Skullgrin140 says:

    This is rather helpful, I am planning on going to NZ at some point in the near future so I appreciate hearing this. Really helpful video Mari.

  45. cnawan says:

    As a local, I think you deserve a gold star and a scratch-and-sniff sticker for this :3

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